RUL 02.61.05 - Use of the NCSU Libraries

Authority: Vice Provost and Director of Libraries

History: First Issued: May 15, 2002. Last Revised: July 31, 2014.

Related Policies: 
NCSU REG04.20.03 – Smoking Regulation for University Facilities

NCSU REG08.00.02 - Computer Use Regulation 
NCSU RUL02.61.03 - Freedom of Access to Internet Resources
NCSU RUL02.61.04 - Display, Distribution, and Solicitation Requests at the NCSU Libraries 

Contact Info: Vice Provost and Director of Libraries (919-515-7188)


To facilitate the NCSU Libraries' primary mission of supporting the instructional, research, extension, and administrative needs of the faculty, students, and staff of North Carolina State University.  To maintain a high-quality study and research environment, protect the rights of users, and sustain the integrity of collections.  To provide rules governing the use of library facilities, collections, and services that apply in the public areas of the Libraries and its online environment.


The Libraries provides spaces to accommodate both group and quiet study.  Public spaces in the Libraries’ facilities are available to users during hours of operation.  Library public spaces may not be reserved or closed to users for non-library purposes.

2.1  Access

2.1.1  Any individual over the age of 18 with an academic research need may have access to library facilities between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., subject to adherence to library rules. During final examination periods, more restrictive access provisions may apply.

2.1.2  Use of some special collections of materials may be governed by more restrictive rules.

2.1.3  After 10:00 p.m., access to the Libraries is restricted to NC State students, faculty, and staff.  The Vice Provost and Director of Libraries must approve any exceptions.

2.1.4  After 10:00 p.m., a valid Wolfpack One Card is required for access.

2.2  Animals

No animals are allowed in library facilities other than those assisting persons with disabilities.

2.3  Children and Minors

2.3.1  Individuals under the age of 18 who are not registered NC State students must be accompanied by an adult.

2.3.2  Adults who bring children or minors into library facilities are responsible for monitoring their activities and regulating their behavior.

2.4  Clothing

Patrons must be fully clothed, including shirts and shoes.

2.5  Computer Use

2.5.1  All those who use computers in the Libraries are expected to take proper care of the equipment.

2.5.2  The Libraries adheres to principles of freedom of speech in providing access to the Internet. See NCSU RUL02.61.03 - Freedom of Access to Internet Resources.

2.5.3  State law and university computer use regulations apply in the Libraries.  See NCSU REG08.00.02 - Computer Use Regulation.

2.5.4  The first priority for use of library computers is for activities that are directly related to the research, educational, and service mission of the university.

2.5.5  Most computers for patron use require login with a Unity ID.  Unity accounts used for computer access are for the exclusive use of the individual to whom they were assigned, and users may not allow or facilitate access to university computer accounts, equipment, or restricted files or systems by others.

2.5.6  Patrons who do not have a Unity ID may use designated guest computers, with time-limited access based on availability.  Visiting researchers may request credentials for longer periods of computer use.   

2.6  Destruction or Damage of Materials, Equipment, Software or the Facility

2.6.1  The following are examples, not a comprehensive list, of actions that are prohibited:

2.6.1a  The destruction, mutilation, or defacement of any materials;

2.6.1b  The damaging of hardware or equipment;

2.6.1c  Misuse of furniture or the facility;

2.6.1d  The intentional introduction of viruses or other malicious code into any computer system; and/or

2.6.1e  Tampering with software or changing equipment settings.

2.7  Display, Distribution, and Solicitation Requests

The Libraries adheres to University regulations that pertain to the display and distribution of materials, and to solicitation activities on campus.  See NCSU RUL02.61.04 - Display, Distribution, and Solicitation Requests at the NCSU Libraries, for applications of these regulations at the NCSU Libraries.

2.8  Disruptions

2.8.1  Disruptive behavior toward others, both library patrons and staff, is prohibited.  Such behavior encompasses contact either in person or through technologies provided for interaction and assistance, such as electronic mail or computer conferencing.  Examples of disruptive behavior include:

2.8.1a  Creating excessive noise;

2.8.1b  Engaging in abusive speech (such as threats, insults, disparaging or mocking statements, or unwanted sexual comments) or conduct;

2.8.1c  Having odor constituting a nuisance or health or safety concern;

2.8.1d  Bringing in personal belongings not essential to the research undertaking (e.g., bedrolls, carts, frame backpacks or large duffel bags); and/or

2.8.1e  Engaging in behavior that disturbs others or interferes with the appropriate use of the facility, including inappropriate sexual behavior.

2.9  Emergencies

2.9.1  In the event of fire, severe weather, power outages, or other emergency situations, library and security staff will alert building occupants to the procedures for evacuation or taking shelter.

2.9.2  All fire alarms require immediate exit by all building occupants.

2.10  Filming/Photography

Individuals who wish to film or photograph within a library facility should direct requests to the Director, Communication Strategy, NCSU Libraries (919-513-3425).

2.11  Food, Drink, and Tobacco Products

2.11.1  Food and covered drinks are permitted in most areas; signage indicates those areas where they are not permitted, such as in the vicinity of special collections materials or some equipment.

2.11.2 The smoking or chewing of any tobacco product is not allowed in library facilities, including outdoor terraces. REG 04.20.03 - Smoking Regulation for University Facilities, delineates the university's regulations regarding smoking.

2.12 Library Staff Equipment and Offices

Library staff equipment, telephones, and offices are available for use only by staff.

2.13  Mobile Phones and Pagers

Library users are required to set mobile phones and pagers to non-audible signals and to use mobile phones in a manner that is not disruptive to others.

2.14  Removal of Materials

Removing or attempting to remove library materials or property without formal check-out or other authorization is prohibited.

2.15  Skateboards, Roller or Inline Skates, and Bicycles

2.15.1  As provided in NCSU POL 07.60.01 -  Parking and Transportation Ordinances, skateboarding, roller or inline skating, and bicycling are prohibited within library facilities.  The use of skateboards, roller skates, or inline skates is prohibited within a 50-foot radius of university buildings, including on staircases, ledges, benches, or planters, due to the inherent destruction of property that may result from such activities.

2.15.2  Bicycles must be parked in designated outside areas.


3.1  Users who are unwilling to abide by these rules will be asked to leave the library facility.

3.2  Persons refusing to leave a library facility at the request of a staff member will be subject to removal by Campus Police and may not be allowed further access to the Libraries.