RUL 11.56.01 - Greek Court Social Event Rule for NC State University Fraternities and Sororities Hosting Social Events on Greek Court

Authority: Issued by the Vice Chancellor and Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA). Changes or exceptions to administrative regulations issued by the Vice Chancellor and Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) may only be made the Vice Chancellor and Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA)

History: First Issued: August 2004. Last Revised: August 15, 2007.

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Contact Info: Department of Greek Life (919-513-2910)

1. Introduction

This rule establishes requirements for Chapters hosting social events on Greek Court. The rule is designed to foster a safe environment for members of fraternities and sororities, and their guests. The rule is also designed to complement inter/national organization risk management programs. The Department of Greek Life recognizes that Chapters residing on Greek Court provide a social environment that is an important complement to the rigors of the classroom schedule and that Greek social events can provide students with a well-balanced college experience.

2. Permitted Social Events/Hosts

2.1 Social events held on Greek Court are limited to the following types of events:

2.1.1 Date Functions: a social event with a guest list that includes only members of the host chapter and one guest per member. (Guest list = 2 x roster maximum, 25 minimum)

2.1.2 Mixers: a social event with a guest list of members from two host chapters; closed to guests not on the host chapters' rosters. (Guest list = combined rosters maximum, 25 minimum)

2.1.3 Guest List Events: a social event (i.e. band party) with a guest list of two (2) guests per member or 300, whichever is smaller. (Guest list = 3 x roster if <300 maximum, 25 minimum)

2.1.4 Special Events: a social event with Alumni, Parents, or special circumstance. Special Events are subject to this rule unless exceptions are made in writing by the Director of Greek Life. To obtain an exception, fraternities and sororities must notify the Director of Greek Life who will determine which requirements of the Rule will apply to the event.

2.2 Small (less than 25 people), informal gatherings at a fraternity or sorority house are permitted but are not considered a Social Event subject to this rule.

2.3 A Host chapter is defined as any Greek chapter that sponsors or co-sponsors a social event. Host chapters are not limited to residents of the court.

3. Duration of Social Events

3.1 All social events held during the daytime must end by 9:00 PM of the same day.

3.2 Late night events, or those beginning after 9:00 PM, must end by 2:00 AM of the following morning.

3.3 A social event may last no more than 4 hours.

4. Notification and Security Requirements

4.1 Fraternities and Sororities who intend to host an event must complete and submit a Social Notification Form to the Department of Greek Life no later than six (6) business days before scheduled Date Functions and Mixer and no later than three (3) weeks before Guest List Events.

4.2 Guest List Events require at least two campus police officers present for the length of the event. (Officers staffed at a 1/125 ratio)

4.2.1 Campus Police require a minimum of three (3) weeks to recruit staff to work events.

4.2.2 Host chapters must pay for services rendered.

4.2.3 Events requiring Campus Police must be considered tentative until Campus Police assigns staff to work the event. Chapters should take caution when making expenditures for a party before securing Campus Police to staff the event.

4.2.4 Campus Police may not be able to staff events if held during significant university events (i.e. home football games)

4.2.5 Campus Police Responsibilities Pre-party

a. Inspect for fire-safety issues

b. Review monitor schedule

c. Verify presence of guest list During the event

a. Assist with crowd control

b. Assess need for medical attention

c. Handle obvious violations of the law

d. Not included: Checking ID

5. Specific Rules and Regulations for Social Events

5.1 Smoke machines may not be used inside Greek Court facilities.

5.2 Decorations may not block exits or smoke detectors, or create obvious hazards for members or guests.

5.3 Fencing is required to enclose all outdoor social function activities. Chapter guests are not allowed in unfenced areas.

5.4 At the conclusion of a late night event, those who remain in the residence must retreat to private areas (i.e. personal rooms inside the house). Guests are not permitted to remain in the common areas.

5.5 No smoking in the common areas of the house. This does not include personal rooms.

5.6 The host chapter is responsible for clean up of the public areas (lawn, decks, and common rooms) before noon of the day after the event had started.

5.7 Hired entertainment for Social Events should not include exotic dancers, strippers or like entertainment.

6. Alcohol Regulation

6.1 Chapters are prohibited from using chapter funds to purchase alcoholic beverages.

6.2 Use of slush funds (passing the hat, money pools, one person buying alcohol for others) to purchase alcohol is prohibited.

6.3 All drinking games are prohibited.

6.4 Community alcohol (kegs, party balls, jungle juice) is prohibited.

6.5 Illegal drugs and/or substances are prohibited.

6.6 Presenting fake identification or impersonating another individual is prohibited.

6.7 Chapter social events must abide by all local, state, and federal laws and all national/international risk management policies.

6.8 Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be provided by host chapter(s).

6.9 Persons who are of age may bring no more than six (6) alcoholic beverages into the party. Each beverage is limited to 12 oz. or less. Glass bottles are not allowed.

6.10 Any beverage with an alcohol content of greater than 10% will not be permitted. This includes all liquors.

6.11 The University Alcohol Policy and Illegal Drug Policy is in effect at all times, and is not superceded by this Rule.

7. Guest List Event Admittance and Ids

7.1 Point of entry and Admittance is limited to one designated area on the chapter premises. Admission of chapter guests outside the Point of Entry and Admittance is prohibited.

7.2 There must be at least two (2) members of the host chapter at the door checking identification for the duration of the event. These members must not be intoxicated or drinking alcoholic beverages when checking identification. They are responsible for ensuring that guests do not bring open containers of alcoholic beverages into the event.

7.3 Guest lists must be presented in typed form before the party begins to the campus police officer hired to staff the party.

7.4 No names may be added to the guest list once the list has been verified by the campus police officer.

7.5 Only people on the guest list and those who present a valid invitation to the party will be allowed to enter.

7.6 All people who enter must show a valid ID with proof of age.

7.6.1 Underage persons (under 21) are not allowed to enter with, or consume alcohol during the event. Each guest and member under 21 must be clearly identifiable by wearing a solid redwristband on his or her right wrist.

7.6.2 Overage persons (over 21) must be clearly identifiable by wearing an over 21 wristband on his or her right wrist. (See example below)

Drinking Age

7.6.3 Guests under 18 are not allowed unless they are NC State students.

7.7 Guests and members are required to wear wristbands for the duration of the event. Members of the host chapter are responsible for escorting guests out of the event if found without wristbands.

7.8 Chapters may only issue the number of wristbands equal to the corresponding social event ratio as defined in Section 2 of this Rule. (i.e. 300 wrist bracelets for guest list events)

8. Guest List Event monitoring

8.1 Host chapters must provide a minimum of one monitor per 50 persons (members and guests) at a social event.

8.2 Each monitor must perform chapter-designated duties for a period of time to be predetermined by the chapter. No more than two shifts will be allowed over the 4-hour event.

8.3 Each monitor must not be intoxicated at the time they assume their designated shift and must refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages for the duration of the shift.

8.4 Monitors must prevent open containers of alcoholic beverages from leaving the event.

8.5 Documentation of the names and schedule of monitors must be provided to the Campus Police officer at the beginning of the social event.

9. Violations

9.1 Host Chapters are responsible for the conduct of their members and guest for the duration of the event.

9.2 Violations of the Greek Court Social Event Rule will be determined by the Department of Greek Life and may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

9.3 Officers present at guest list events may issue campus appearance tickets or citations for violations of the State law and/or University Policy or Regulations.

9.4 Sanctions for violations may be educational or punitive depending upon the severity of the violation and the host chapter social event history. Sanctions may include restitution for damage to property.

10. Section I - Procedure Review and Revision

The Department of Greek life reserves the right to review and revise the Greek Court Social Event Rule upon the approval of the Vice Chancellor and Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA). The Greek Court President's Board shall act as an advisor to the department in such matters.