Guidelines for Transferring Materials to University Archives – UNC Office of the President, NC Department of Cultural Resources and NC State University Joint Directive

Guidance and Interpretation: University Archives, NC State University Libraries, 919-515-2273

Contact Info: University Archives, NC State University Libraries, 919-515-2273

Source Document: NC Department of Cultural Resources – Government Records: State Agency Records

Additional References: NC Department of Cultural Resources – Government Records: Records Officers for UNC System Institutions; NC State University Libraries University Archives – Guidelines for Transferring Materials to the University Archives

As an agency of the State of North Carolina, NC State University is required to follow various state laws and regulations, as well as policies and regulations of the University of North Carolina.

1. Introduction

This document is the result of legislation passed into law governing retention schedules and guidelines for disposal of government documents, which resulted in a joint directive of the NC Department of Cultural Resources, as the state agency charged with oversight and compliance, and the UNC Office of the President. NC State University is required to comply, and has developed its own specific retention and disposal schedule and guidelines. Responsibility for records management resides in the Office of the Chancellor, which has delegated responsibility for providing information, expert assistance in implementing these guidelines and storage of historic university administrative records to the NC State University Libraries’ University Archives.

2. Covered Employees and Units

All EHRA and SHRA employees, as well as all administrative and academic units, are covered by this directive.

3. Additional Information

The legislature has deemed records management as critical both from an operational and an historical context. Therefore certain state records, both financial and non-financial, are required to be retained for periods ranging from three years to permanent. Based on state law and UNC requirements, NC State University has developed it own office- and college-specific records management, retention and disposal guidelines.