REG 07.25.03 – Obtaining a Vehicle from NC State Motor Pool

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: December 7, 2000.

Additional References:
Facilities Operations Website
Fleet Services

Contact Info: Facilities Operations Director

1. Purpose 

To ensure all vehicle rentals are essential to university operations, are charged to the correct account, and are approved by appropriate department personnel.

2. Intent 

To provide a consistent and efficient tool for Motor Pool customers.

3. Procedure

3.1 Check with your department head or designee to determine those persons authorized to request vehicles from Motor Pool. All authorized personnel must have a valid driver’s license.

3.2 The authorized person should obtain the following information prior to contacting Motor Pool:

3.2.1 Is travel for in or out of state

3.2.2 Department to be billed

3.2.3 FAS number

3.2.4 Project number, if any

3.2.5 Date and time keys will be picked up

3.2.6 Date and time keys will be returned

3.2.7 Date and time travel is to begin, if different from key pick up time

3.2.8 Type vehicle desired – 1st choice _____ 2nd choice _____

3.2.9 Last name; first name of requestor

3.2.10 Last name; first name of driver

3.2.11 Destination

3.2.12 Purpose of travel

3.3 The contact number for the Motor Pool is 919-513-7665.