REG 07.25.08 – Tree Removal Notification

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: December 7, 2000.

Additional References:
Facilities Operations Website

Contact Info: Facilities Operations Director

1. Purpose

1.1 To minimize conflict, that may be associated with the removal of a tree from campus.

1.2 To ensure the health, beauty, and safety of all trees on campus.

1.3 To ensure that hazard trees are removed for the safety of the campus community.

2. Intent

To provide a consistent and efficient tool for Motor Pool customers.

3. Procedure

3.1 When there are questions regarding the health or safety of a tree, the Assistant Director for Grounds Management and Fleet Services should be contacted. The contact number is 919/515-9871.

3.2 The Assistant Director for Grounds Management and Fleet Services will seek the expert opinion of the Extension-Forest General and the Insect and Disease Clinic in Williams Hall.

3.3 The Assistant Director for Grounds Management and Fleet Services will submit all tree removal requests to the Tree Removal Committee for approval. This committee is composed of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, Director of Facilities Operations, Assistant Director for Facilities Operations Grounds Management and Fleet Services, Director of Facilities Planning and Design, Exterior Planner, University Landscape Architect, Director of Public Safety, Director of Transportation, Assistant Director of University Housekeeping, Director of Insurance & Risk Management, Physical Environment Committee Chair, Extension-Forestry General, and Building Liaison (determined by site).

3.4 Grounds Management will arrange removal of the tree following review by Tree Removal Committee.