POL 01.30.01 – Holladay Medal for Excellence

Authority: Board of Trustees

History: First Issued: April 24, 1992. Last Revised: September 16, 2011.

Additional References:
Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence (Nomination Procedures)
UNC Code: Appendix I Section IV – Honorary Degrees, Awards and Distinctions

Contact Info: Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (919-513-7741)


1.1  The Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence recognizes the contributions to the university of Alexander Q. Holladay, who served as its first Professor of History and first President.  The purpose of this award is to recognize members of the faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the university.  This is the highest award made by the university in recognition of faculty career achievements.


2.1  Full-time faculty.  Nominations must be received prior to a faculty member’s retirement date, unless nominee retires by July 1 following the academic year during which the nomination was initially submitted.  A nominated faculty member will remain eligible for the entire period that nominations are held active, even if retirement occurs during this period.

2.2  Employed at NC State University at least ten years

2.3  Sustained outstanding contributions to the university through achievements in teaching and mentoring students, discovery of knowledge through discipline-guided inquiry, creative artistry and literature, technological and managerial innovation, extension and engagement with constituencies outside the university or service in professional societies and within the university itself.


3.1  The Chancellor or designee is authorized to establish procedures for the solicitation and review of nominations for the Holladay Medal; the Chancellor has delegated responsibility for maintaining these procedures to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.  These procedures will include faculty input and define the documentation required for a nomination and the number of years nominations will remain active.

3.2  A faculty nominating committee will provide up to ten nominees to the University Affairs Committee.

3.2.1  Nominations may also be submitted directly to the University Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, in care of the Assistant Secretary to the Board.  The Assistant Secretary will coordinate the submissions for the Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

3.3.1  The University Affairs Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees, who may select zero to five award recipients in any academic year.


4.1  The award will consist of a medal and a framed certificate presented at an appropriate academic event as prescribed by the chancellor or designee.

4.2  Award recipients will be announced in appropriate campus media.

4.3  A permanent plaque inscribed with the recipients’ names will be displayed in a public place to be identified by the chancellor.