The following terminology is used to define and indicate the source of authority for the issuance of various policies, regulations and rules (PRRs) by which the institution governs itself. Policies, regulations and rules directly or substantially affect procedural or substantive rights and duties of individuals that interact with the University.

A “policy” is any standard, statement, or procedure of general applicability adopted by the Board of Trustees pursuant to authority delegated by law or the Board of Governors.

A “regulation” is any standard, statement (which may include a policy statement), or procedure of general applicability adopted by the chancellor or chancellor’s delegee that addresses any of the following matters:

  1. Compliance with fiscal, academic, research, human relations, or other management standards and requirements imposed by federal or state laws or implementing regulations;
  2. Procedures and reporting requirements related to implementation or compliance with policies of the Board of Governors or Board of Trustees, or regulations of the Office of the President;
  3. Matters not specifically addressed in Board of Governors or Board of Trustees policies or regulations of the Office of the President that are within the general nature of the chancellor’s delegated responsibilities to administer the institution.

A “Rule” is a standard, statement or procedure, other than a policy or regulation, adopted by an academic or administrative unit of NC State University to implement a NC State University Policy or Regulation or address matters within the operational authority of the unit. A Rule may supplement but not conflict with policies and regulations. Academic unit Rules other than those that are required to be established by UNC or NCSU policies or regulations must be approved by the Dean of the applicable college or the Vice Provost of the applicable academic unit. All other rules, i.e. issued by administrative units, must be approved by the unit administrator and the executive officer to whom the unit reports.

Each PRR has header information described below:

  • Authority: Cites the position or entity that has the authority to approve and issue the PRR.
  • History: Presents the dates of the PRR’s first issuance; dates of any revisions to the PRR; and, any additional history information that may assist in understanding the evolution of the PRR.
  • Related Policies: Provides references and links to policies that provide additional information or context for the PRR.
  • Additional References: Provides statutory references, web site references, or other PRR related information.
  • Contact Info: Lists the position or office to contact to obtain information, or responses to questions about the PRR.

For complete information please visit the Procedure for Adoption and Publication of North Carolina State University Policies and Regulations.