REG 06.10.04 – Fee Refunds

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement

History: First Issued: April 1, 2001.

Contact Info: Encore Center Director (919-515-8971)


Provides information with respect to fee refunds so that participants understand the financial commitment associated with registration for courses, membership dues and enrollment in other events.


2.1. Members may request a refund of a course or event fee by contacting the Encore office at least two weeks prior to the start of the course or date of the event.

2.2. A $10 processing fee will be charged. No refunds will be given for events with fees of $10 or less.

2.3. Study-trips of more than one day’s duration may have different cancellation rules because of contractual obligations. These rules will be stated as part of the information disseminated for the respective planned events.

2.4. If Encore cancels a course or activity, the enrollee will be notified and given a choice of a full refund or transfer of the fees to another course in the same semester. No monetary credits will be held over to the next semester.

2.5. Refund of annual membership fees is made based on extenuating circumstances with requests to be submitted in writing to Encore by the member detailing the specific reason(s).