RUL 07.25.03 – Obtaining a Vehicle from NC State Motor Pool

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: December 7, 2000. Last Revised: December 13, 2022.

Additional References:
Facilities Services Website
Fleet Services
Motor Fleet Management Regulations Manual

Contact Info:  Facilities Fleet Services, 919-513-7665

1. Purpose 

To provide guidance on how to obtain a rental vehicle from the Motor Pool.

1.1   Official Use Only

University-owned vehicles are to be driven only by authorized University employees within the scope of their jobs for official University business and as outlined within the NC Department of Administration Motor Fleet Management Regulations Manual. Exceptions to this rule are Federal employees as stated below.

Authorized Person – An employee who has permission from the dean, director or department head to drive a University-owned vehicle to carry out the official business of the University within the scope of the employee’s job and within Motor Fleet Management Regulations Manual. Guidelines published in the Motor Fleet Management Handbook, as amended, require State-owned vehicles be driven only by State employees and used only for official State business. All vehicles that are “owned” by the University are State-owned vehicles.

For the purposes of this rule, a State employee is any individual working for the State of North Carolina who receives wages or salary from the State. Persons not employed by the State may accompany State employees who are driving State-owned vehicles when they have an interest in the purpose of the trip and their presence is related to State business.

Students who are employed by NC State and receive wages or salary are considered employees and may operate State vehicles for the purpose of performing duties within the scope of their employment. Non-employed students may be passengers in State vehicles to attend activities officially sanctioned by the University. However, students, visiting staff and faculty with or without appointments, adjunct and emeritus professors, volunteers and other individuals not employed by the State are not allowed to drive State-owned vehicles.

Federal employees working with the University, such as USDA, USDI, USAF, and USN must make requests for Federal vehicles from the local Federal Motor Pool. If a Federal vehicle is not immediately available, then a Federal employee contracted to do State business may be allowed to drive a State vehicle until a Federal Motor Pool vehicle is available.

All drivers must possess and display a valid United States driver’s license at the time of pick up.

2. Intent

To provide a consistent and efficient process when requesting a Motor Pool rental vehicle.

3. Procedure

3.1 Navigate to Reservation Request page at

3.2 Complete the online vehicle reservation form.

An email stating that the reservation request has been submitted will be sent. The Motor Pool will contact you once your reservation has been assigned.

3.3 Contact the Motor Pool for additional assistance.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Phone: 919-513-7665