REG 11.55.02 - Assemblies, Events, and Public Addresses

Authority: Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

History: First Issued: October 1, 2002.  Last Revised: April 2, 2012.

Related Policies:
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Additional References:
Student Organization Resource Center (“SORC”)
SORC Registered Student Groups
SORC Permit Requests

Contact Info: Student Organization Resource Center, (919-515-3323)


1.1  This regulation applies to all assemblies, events, and public addresses held at North Carolina State University (“NC State”), and governs all facilities and property on the University’s campuses or under the operating authority of the University.  The University’s campuses and certain facilities constitute a limited public forum.  Free speech is central to the academic mission.  The University encourages and supports open, vigorous, and civil debate across the full spectrum of society’s  issues as they present themselves to this community.  At the same time, limitations on activities on University property are necessary so that the University may fulfill its primary missions of teaching, research, and extension.  Permission to use a facility or designated space on campus does not represent an endorsement or support by the University of the view’s expressed by the individual or group.


2.1  “Non-University Group(s)” means an individual or group of individuals, other than Student Groups, that are legally separate entities from the University, even though some of the members or participants may be University personnel, alumni, or students.

2.2  “Student Group” means a group that has been accepted by the Student Organization Resource Center (“SORC”) as a "registered student group" under the rules of that office.  The rules and a list of currently registered groups are available at SORC Registered Student Groups.

2.3  “University Group” means an administrative or academic unit within the University, staffed by University employees acting within the scope of their employment.

2.4  “University premises” means buildings or grounds owned, leased, operated, controlled or managed by NC State.


3.1  The University permits assemblies, events, and public addresses by University, Student, and Non-University groups on University premises subject to the provisions of sections 4 and 5 below.  Assemblies, events, and public addresses must be approved by SORC and, if applicable, the person responsible for the facility or location where the activity is to be held.  Permission from SORC will be granted, subject to reasonable time, place, or manner limits.  In addition, permission may be limited to events that are consistent with the University’s mission and purpose of the location.

3.2  Unless sponsored by the University, assemblies, events, and public addresses generally will not be allowed in areas or facilities that have not been designated for public speech.


4.1  Anyone who wishes to sponsor or organize an assembly, event, or public address on University premises must apply to the SORC for a permit.  Non-University groups are prohibited from holding assemblies, events, or public addresses except by invitation of or sponsorship by a University or Student Group.  Permit requests are to be submitted electronically.  Information on submitting request can be obtained from the SORC website at

4.2  The application for a permit must be received at least 48 hours before the proposed time and date of the event.  The SORC will confer with University Police when appropriate, and the permit may be issued for a later time and date if extra time is needed to arrange for adequate security or because the proposed time conflicts with use by another group.  The University may waive the 48-hour requirement for good cause, provided that waivers are based on neutral criteria and not on the content of the event or the viewpoint of the sponsors.

4.3  In order to provide a safe and secure environment for the campus community and visitors, when there is a threat of disruption of an assembly, event, or public address, for protection of university property, when there is a threat of damage and to maintain public order for large events, security will be provided for the event as necessary based on a security assessment by University Police.  If University Police determines that event security is required for the event the University, Student, or Non-University Group shall be responsible for paying all costs for the security personnel and for other security measures including, but not limited to, barricades, metal detectors and parking control measures, as specified by the University Police Chief or designee.

4.4  The SORC, at its discretion, may require that a University college, school or department (i.e., College of Textiles, College of Design, University Student Center, University Housing) agree to advise the group and oversee the event.  Such advisement might be required based on the anticipated size of the event or because there is a threat of disruption.  If advisement is required, a University official and a student liaison from the sponsoring organization must be present at the event from start to finish.  They must make periodic checks with University Police prior to and during the event and must provide a mobile phone number in case they need to be contacted during the event.

4.5  All materials promoting the assembly, event, or public address must comply with NCSU REG11.55.04 - Painting, Sidewalk Chalking and Use of Posters and NCSU REG07.25.12 – Solicitation.  In addition, food offered for sale or given away in connection with the assembly, event, or public address must comply with all applicable health code standards, as well as NCSU REG11.55.01 – Production, Service, and Sale of Food.

4.6  All outdoor assemblies, events, and public addresses, including those in University Plaza, must be conducted without sound amplification equipment unless permission for amplification is obtained from SORC, but must not disrupt academic, classroom or study space.  Indoor assemblies and public addresses may use appropriate amplification (i.e. microphone) with the permission of the administrator responsible for the facility.

4.7  Assemblies, events, and public addresses must be conducted so that campus pedestrians and automobile traffic are unimpeded and members of the University Community not participating in the event may proceed with their normal activities.  In addition, assemblies, events, and public addresses may not interfere with classes in session or other scheduled academic or educational programs.

4.8  Assemblies, events, and public addresses held on University premises must comply with all federal, state, and/or local laws.


Some campus facilities and locations require approval, in addition to SORC’s approval, from a designated University official before an outdoor assembly, event, or public address can be held.  The SORC will maintain a listing of these facilities and locations, including the designated officials responsible for the locations, and coordinate the approval process.  Unless otherwise indicated below, all other outdoor campus reservations are approved by the SORC.

5.1  Fraternity Court Commons

Outdoor events sponsored by fraternities, sororities, and their governing councils may be held in the Fraternity Court Commons if approved by the Director of Greek Life.  Times for these events will follow guidelines set by the Director of Greek Life.

5.2  Residence Hall Areas

Outdoor events sponsored by residence hall councils or the Inter-Residence Council and registered student organizations may be held in residence hall areas if approved by the Associate Director of University Housing responsible for the campus area on which the event is to be held.  Time for such events will be determined by that Associate Director of University Housing.

5.3  Court of North Carolina, Yarbrough Court, and M.E. Gardner Arboretum

The "Court of North Carolina", "Yarbrough Court", and "M. E. Gardner Arboretum" may be used for outdoor activities if approved by the SORC, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Operations, and the University Landscape Architect in the Office of the University Architect.  No alcohol shall be distributed and the use of amplified sound in these three areas requires special approval from the SORC.

5.4  University Plaza (the Brickyard)

The University Plaza (the Brickyard) may be reserved for organized assemblies, events, and public addresses, but amplified sound is not allowed.  Rare exceptions to the ban of amplified sound will be made for events of community significance where communication to large group in a timely way makes amplification justified.  In such instances, the sponsoring group is responsible for negotiating appropriate compliance with the SORC.

5.5  Parades and Demonstrations on Raleigh City Streets

In the event that a student organization is sponsoring an outdoor assembly or event such as a parade or demonstration on the city streets of Raleigh, a parade permit must be secured from the Chief of Police of the City of Raleigh.  Once a parade or demonstration permit is received from the City of Raleigh, the sponsoring organization must apply for an outdoor permit from the SORC at least 48 hours or two (2) business days prior to the event, presenting the City of Raleigh permit as documentation of approval form the City of Raleigh.


6.1  Outdoor events with amplified sound may be held on the days and times listed below as approved by the appropriate University official.  Participants must strictly adhere to these times and any amplified sound guidelines as provided by the SORC.

6.2  Wolf Plaza and Harris Field

6.2.1  Reservations for Wolf Plaza and Harris Field and other outdoor venues where amplified sound will be used must be received at least five (5) business days prior to the event.  In addition, if amplified sound is approved, speakers must not be directed down the Free Expression tunnel towards Dabney and Cox halls or any other classroom location.

6.2.2  Generally, Wolf Plaza and Harris Field may be reserved for outdoor events with amplified sound during the following times:

Monday-Thursday*12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Friday-Saturday12:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Sunday12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

*Locations are not available when the day falls before major common exams.

6.2.3  For complete guidelines and to obtain a permit, contact the SORC, 919-515-3323.


7.1  The University reserves the right to terminate any assembly, event, or public address that fails to comply with the terms of approval, university policies or federal, state, or local law.

7.2  If a decision is made to terminate the assembly, event, or public address, the liaison from the sponsoring organization is responsible for making sure that any amplification stops, an announcement is made asking the crowd to disperse, or other action is taken to end the event.