This web site includes Board of Trustee policies and regulations and rules (PRRs) issued by University administrators pursuant to delegated authority. PRRs are subject to change from time to time. This web site is updated as revisions occur. While every effort has been made to accurately transcribe the official version of approved PRRs, to the extent of any discrepancy between the version at this electronic web site and the hard copy approved by the issuing official, the hard copy is the official authoritative version. Any person wishing to ensure the accuracy of any PRR contained on this web site may check with the University webmaster to obtain a copy of the official version.

In addition to this web site, PRRs are also found in various handbooks and other university publications. To the extent of any conflict between the PRR approved by the issuing official and the PRR found in a handbook or other publication, the copy approved by the issuing official is the authoritative version.