REG 11.55.07 - Registered Student Organizations: Regulation for Undergraduate Student Leadership, Membership, and Registration

Authority: Vice Chancellor and Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA)

History: First Issued: February 6, 2007. Last Revised: February 21, 2014.

Related Policies: 
UNC Code Appendix 1, Section XII
NCSU POL11.35.01 – Code of Student Conduct
NCSU REG02.05.01 - Continuation of Undergraduate Enrollment (Suspension Regulation)

Additional References:
Student Involvement 

Contact Info: Student Involvement (919-515-2797)



Undergraduate student leadership and membership in student organizations is a critical component of the learning process, providing students with lifelong skills and experiences that will enhance their effectiveness as citizens of the world. In support of the academic mission of the university as well as individual student success, this regulation establishes requirements for student leadership and membership in Registered Student Organizations (“Student Organizations”), as well as establish procedures for registering these organizations.

Graduate students in good standing are eligible to participate as leaders and members of Registered Student Organizations. The requirements outlined in this regulation do not pertain to graduate students.


2.1 Compliance

2.1.1 Student Organizations are voluntary associations led by NC State students, which are legally separate entities from the university. Student Organizations may access certain University-controlled benefits and resources, such as facilities and equipment, are accountable to the university for compliance with University Policies, Regulations and Rules, and may seek funding from Student Government. Because they are voluntary associations, Student Organizations may not use “NC State” in their names, and they may not represent or imply that they speak for or in the name of the university. Registration is an annual requirement and is handled by the Office of Student Involvement.

2.1.2 In order to be eligible for funding through Student Government and reserving University facilities and services, Student Organizations must adhere to the requirements for registration of student organizations as set forth by Student Involvement (see Section 3, below).

2.1.2 Student Organizations must comply with all University policies, rules and regulations, including the Code of Student Conduct.

2.2 Leadership

To establish standards for participation in student leadership that are consistent with the academic mission of the university and the goals of out-of-class learning, certain eligibility criteria are required in order for student leaders to be elected or appointed as officers of Student Organizations.  Student leaders must:

2.2.1 Be enrolled as students at North Carolina State University at the time of the election or appointment.

2.2.2 Not be on academic warning, academic suspension or academic probation as defined by the University (see NCSU REG02.05.01 - Continuation of Undergraduate Enrollment (Suspension Regulation)) at the time of election or appointment.

2.2.3 If upon review of registration documents it is determined that a student leader falls below these minimum requirements, Student Involvement will advise the student leader (and the organization’s advisor, if applicable) that the student is not eligible to serve in the leadership role. The organization will then need to supply the name of an eligible student to serve in the vacated leadership position in order for the registration to be properly maintained.

2.3 Membership

2.3.1 Membership in Student Organizations is limited to students enrolled for at least one semester hour of credit at NC State. Faculty, staff, alumni and others may participate in the activities and programs of student organizations as guests. Guests may not vote and may not have the same privileges as members. The number of NC State student members shall always exceed the number of guest participants.

2.3.2 Membership and all privileges, including voting and officer positions, must be extended to all students without regard to age, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion status or historic religious affiliation, sexual orientation, veteran status or, unless exempt under Title IX, gender.  Title IX of the Educational makes an exception for social fraternities and sororities, in regard to gender, for membership criteria.

2.3.3  Student Organizations that select their members on the basis of commitment to a set of beliefs (e.g., religious or political beliefs) may limit membership and participation in the group to students who, upon individual inquiry, affirm that they support the group’s goals and agree with its beliefs, so long as no student is excluded from membership or participation on the basis of his or her age, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion status or historic religious affiliation, sexual orientation, veteran status or, unless exempt under Title IX, gender.


3.1 Registration forms are online at or are available in the Student Involvement office.

3.2 Four NC State students (who meet the criteria outlined in Section 2.2, above) must be designated as leaders of the organization.

3.3 A copy of the organization's constitution must be submitted at the time of registration.

3.4 Registered Student Organizations are encouraged to seek advisors from among the faculty and staff.

3.5 Registration is ongoing April 1 – September 15. Registrations submitted at other times will be processed on a monthly basis.

3.6 Registration is an annual process; an organization must renew its registration each year.