REG 11.60.01 - Late Night Parties in the Talley Student Center

Authority: Vice Chancellor and Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA)

History: First Issued: October 1, 2002. Last Revised: December 21, 2009. 

Additional References:
DJ Agreement
Special Events Request and Consultation

Contact Info: Talley Student Center Reservations Manager (919-515-2249)

In order to assure the safety of NC State students and their guests, these regulations and procedures apply to any late night parties scheduled in the Talley Student Center.

1. Definition

Late Night Parties are those events that meet the following criteria:

1.1 Continue after normal operating hours of the Talley Student Center, occurring between the hours of 10:00PM – 2:00AM.

1.2 Are limited to NC STATE students or other students with a valid college ID or to the members of the sponsoring organization and its guests.

1.3 Will use amplified sound

1.4 Will not require a major set-up of tables or chairs

1.5 Will not serve food to guest

1.6 Other events as identified by Reservations and Event Management or Campus Police

1.7 Student Organizations may schedule no more than one late night party each semester. Talley Student Center Reservations and Event Management (REM) will schedule only one late night party per weekend. No parties will be scheduled during the summer sessions. Although every effort will be made to honor a party request, reservations are subject to cancellation if police or Reservations & Events Management staff is not available to work the event. Non-registered student organizations are prohibited from promoting parties.

2. Eligibility

Registered student organizations in good standing (as verified by the Student Involvement and/or Greek Life, and the Office of Student Conduct) may host late night parties provided they meet the requirements outlined in this regulation and follow all procedures required by the Late Night Party Task Force.

2.1 Attend a mandatory orientation and training meeting conducted by Reservations and Events Management (REM) no later than three weeks before their party is scheduled. Only student representatives attending this meeting are eligible to serve as the Lead Host at their scheduled event.

2.2 Provide a minimum of fifteen hosts (representatives of the sponsoring organization) who will be present and identifiable at the event.

2.3 The Lead Host must be an NC State student, with a valid student ID, and a member of the organization sponsoring the event. The sponsoring organization’s Lead Host is responsible for ensuring that all hosts have signed a copy of the Host Agreement form; agreeing to enforce the Late Night Party procedures.

2.3.1 The Lead Host assumes responsibility for the behavior and compliance of all hosts regardless of whether those hosts are NC State students, alumni, volunteers, or members of the sponsoring organization.

2.3.2 All affiliates of the host group, including DJ staff, must have a valid picture ID that will be scanned before the pre-party meeting. All host ID’s must correspond with the signed host agreement form.

2.3.3 Have an organizational advisor (documented through registration in the Student Involvement or Department of Greek Life) present at the event until at least midnight.

2.4 Have a university advisor who is a North Carolina State University employee, preferably in Academic and Student Affairs (DASA), who has been trained in the Late Night Party Procedures and who has experience managing such events, present at the event for its entirety. If an Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) advisor is unable to attend, the student group is responsible for finding another eligible North Carolina State University employee to work the party.

2.5 Submit a $1,025 deposit in the form of cash or check to the Reservations Office at least three weeks in advance. The remaining $1,025 payment is due the next working business day. Any additional charges resulting from late departures, excessive housekeeping, and/or damaged property to the facility will be deducted from the deposit and the remainder refunded to the sponsoring organization.

2.6 Agree to abide by the all of the regulations and procedures and to sign an agreement stating such.

3. Hours

Late night parties are generally scheduled for the hours of 10:00PM – 2:00AM. The Lead Host and two additional hosts must arrive by 8:30pm to assist with outside crowd control and student identification check. All other hosts and advisors must arrive by 9:15pm. All hosts and advisors should be in their designated places immediately following the pre-party meeting and remain until all students, guests, and entertainers have exited the facility. REM will review requests for parties at hours other than the above.

4. Pre-Event Meetings

Two contacts should be made by the sponsoring organization with REM staff prior to the party:

4.1 The sponsoring organization must contact the office of REM no later than three weeks prior to the event to submit their deposit and list of Hosts and advisors. Failure to do so may result in the event being canceled.

4.2 The fifteen sponsoring organization hosts, Event Manager, security officers, University advisor, and sponsoring organization advisor will meet 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the event to review procedures, verify the Lead Host’s NC State ID, and identify the security supervisor. The party may not begin until this meeting has taken place, and the meeting will not commence without all these parties are present.

5. Safety and Security

In order to assure the safety and security of everyone present at the event, the following procedures are in place:

5.1 Four uniformed sworn police officers and seven security staff (including supervisor) are required for these events when a full capacity of guests is expected. Two officers will remain outside to assist the host organization in maintaining order. Additional officers may be required at the discretion of university staff in consultation with the sponsoring organization. The sponsoring organization may request additional officers as well.

5.2 Screening devices will be used to check all persons entering the party. Sponsoring organization hosts must not conduct “pat-down” searches of party guests. Anyone with contraband will be referred to a police officer. Knives and mace will not be allowed; guests with these in their possession will be asked to return them to their cars. Illegal weapons will be confiscated. Student sponsors will not accept the responsibility of holding items for guests. 

5.3 The NCSU Fire Marshall has established an occupancy limit of 738 for the Ballroom for late night parties. Counts will be taken at various times during the event to determine if the occupancy limit of 738 is being violated for the Ballroom. A member of the host organization and Reservations and Events Management will conduct these counts. If during these counts it appears that the occupancy limit of 738 is being exceeded for the Ballroom, then the party may be shut down.

5.4 Surveillance will be in place to record the entry, ticketing process and other areas as needed. Images stored will be available in case there is a need to verify procedural compliance or to identify guests.

6. Access and Ticketing

Tickets to late night parties will be sold in advance, in accordance with advertised ticket prices. The tickets will then be replaced by wristbands after the ticket holders properly gain access to the party. All party guests must wear wristbands throughout the party. The following requirements also apply:

6.1 No more than 850 tickets may be sold for a late night party in the Talley Student Center. Tickets will be sold in advance.

6.2 Tickets will be provided to the Host Organization by Ticket Central at a cost of $150. The Host Organization must schedule a meeting with the director of Ticket Central to discuss their event and printed ticket information one week prior to their desired ticket pick up time. Payment is due when the Host Organization picks up their tickets. Payment will be accepted in the form of cash, American Express, Mater Card, or Visa.

6.3 Publicity should state: Valid College ID Required for Entry.

6.4 Ticket prices must be published in advance (online publications, flyers, handbills, announcements, etc.). Prices will not be changed and must remain consistent with those published.

6.5 All unsold tickets must be returned to the Reservations and Events Management office no later than 12pm the day before a schedule party. No more than one-hundred tickets may be sold the night of the party. Reservations and Events Management will distribute up to one-hundred unsold tickets at the base of the south side handicap ramp the night of the party.

6.6 Ticket prices are to remain constant throughout the event.

6.7 Signage will notify guests that surveillance is in place.

6.8 No more marked tickets will be sold after 1:15 a.m.

6.9 The only non-student guests permitted at the party are alumni members of the sponsoring
organization. These guests must be registered by the host organization via the use of guest registration cards.

6.10 Guests who are members of the sponsoring organization but who have forgotten to bring their college IDs may appeal to an NC State student host (member of the sponsoring organization) to be admitted with a driver license, instead. The student host must consult with the University Advisor on site prior to allowing any exceptions to be made. Any guests admitted under this exception must be registered with guest cards and must have their drivers’ licenses scanned. A maximum total of 20 guest registrations are permitted, including alumni and non-students. Sponsoring organizations are strongly discouraged from making exceptions of this nature, as the hosts involved are accepting increased liability by doing so.

6.11 College students will be admitted upon showing their college ID cards in addition to either their presold ticket or marked ticket.

6.12 Reservations and Event Management will monitor the entry line, where all attendees will be required to show their photo IDs (college identification or valid driver’s license if the person is sponsored by a host) and pre-sold tickets before entering the line for the party. Upon entering the party, each attendee will have their ID scanned.

6.13 Sponsoring groups will be required to staff two tables for collecting money and distributing wristbands. The sponsoring group’s advisor will monitor all the access and ticketing activities on the first floor, assisting where needed, unless he or she has been called to assist in another locale within the event.

6.14 After having his or her ID scanned, each person must obtain a wristband. This wristband must be worn at all times during the party and will be surrendered by guests who leave the party before its conclusion. Anyone found in the party without a wristband will be asked to leave. Failure to do so will result in referral to the police.

6.15 Host organizations who wish to identify special guests for preferential access to the event must advertise that this opportunity is available until midnight, after which there will be no preferential access allowed. The number of preferential access tickets will be deducted for the 850 total tickets to be sold.

6.16 Preferential access will be through a designated line. The sponsoring organization must provide a sign specifying who may be admitted through this preferential system. Guests who enter the party through the preferential access point must still be screened through security and have their IDs scanned in order to receive a wristband.

6.17 Guests who leave the party before its conclusion will not be re-admitted without completing the entire admission process again.

6.18 The Host Organization has the discretion to close the doors between midnight and 1:00am based on the absence of a crowd waiting to enter.

7. Sponsoring Organization Duties

The Sponsoring Organization must follow these steps or the event will be canceled:

7.1 Complete a request for police coverage for the event no later than three weeks prior to the event. Reservations and Events Management will then notify University Police that the students have completed the request and coordinate to determine whether police officers are available to work the party.

7.2 Participate in mandatory pre-party and post-party facility walk-through by Event Manager and Lead Host. A checklist will be developed by REM and signed by the Lead Host, indicating the room and surrounding areas' original appearance and condition. The Lead Host must also sign and date the postparty walk-through checklist.

7.3 Attend a mandatory pre-party discussion with Campus Police and REM to discuss ticket sales, security/sponsor positions, questions, concerns, closure times, exit procedures, etc. The sponsoring organization will provide REM with signed Host Agreements from all hosts and list both the organization and university advisors including an alternate for each one. These should be turned in at the time of the deposit but no later than three weeks prior to the party.

7.4 Provide a minimum of fifteen representatives of the sponsoring organization to serve as hosts for the event who will be identifiable and accessible no later than forty-five minutes prior to the party and throughout the duration of the event. The Lead Host must present a valid, current NC State ID at the preparty meeting.

7.5 Standardized badges and red “Go Greek” shirts must be worn by all hosts and they are clearly visible throughout the event.

7.6 Post organization hosts outside to assist with crowd control, ID check, and ticket check. Hosts must also be positioned at perimeter doors and near the elevators to assure that no one enters the event without a ticket.

7.7 Station the organization’s advisor at the check-in table to assure proper guest registration unless there is a problem in the party venue that requires his or her attention. The University advisor should maintain contact with the security supervisor, Lead Host and event manager, and will remain onsite throughout the event’s entirety.

7.8 Aid in the dispersal of the crowd from the party location. The event security staff will also assist in this procedure, and oversee the crowd along with the uniformed officers as they exit the building and leave the vicinity.

7.9 Clean up the facility, returning it to an acceptable state. Failure to do so could result in forfeiture of deposit and/or additional billing.

7.10 Remain available until all guests, including the DJ, have departed. Sponsoring organization hosts must assist the entertainers in removing their equipment to facilitate the departure time. In addition to these requirements, it is recommended that the sponsoring organization use the DJ Agreement to establish expectations with the DJ regarding appropriate music for the party.

8. Reservations and Event Management Staff Duties

In addition to meeting with sponsoring organization hosts prior to the event:

8.1 Assisting with monitoring the event

8.2 Handing out up to one-hundred unsold tickets at the door

8.3 Assisting student sponsors and police to close the event

8.4 Maintain a “Party Box” in the Reservations Office containing numbered tickets, wristbands, Event Sponsor Agreement, Host Agreements, fifteen host badges, and five DJ badges. These items will be distributed to student sponsors as follows:

8.4.1 A representative from the sponsoring organization will sign the Event Sponsor Agreement at the meeting with REM at least three weeks prior to the event. The sponsoring organization is responsible for distributing the host agreements to all of the hosts, who must sign and bring the agreements to the preparty meeting the night of the party.

8.4.2 (850) wristbands will be given to the Lead Host at the pre-event walk-through.

8.5 The Party box will be returned at the conclusion of the party to the Event Manager with the badges and any unused wristbands enclosed. The sponsoring organization will be charged $5.00 for each missing badge.

8.6 Prior to the party, Reservations and Events Management will post “Must Have College ID for Entry”,“No Loitering”, “No Reentry”, “This is an alcohol and drug free event”, “Entry is being videotaped from the first floor lobby”, and the “Right to Refuse Entry” signs. Reservations and Events Management will use caution tape to rope off the front steps of Talley, Stewart Theatre loading dock, and the end of the south side handicap ramp towards Price Music Center.

8.7 At the party, Reservations and Events Management will operate/facilitate the scanning of Ids, distribution of up to one-hundred unsold tickets, and will monitor/assist with the entry process.

8.8 After the party, REM will provide University Police with a copy of all attendees’ scanned IDs upon their request.

9. Security/ Police Duties

The security supervisor will meet with the sponsoring organization hosts, police officers and REM staff no later than 15 minutes prior to the event’s beginning to introduce him or herself and review procedures. In addition, it is advised that the Lead Host and Event Manager meet at different times such as 11:00pm, 12:00am, and 1:00am. This will allow each member to communicate the status of the event.

9.1 The security company will be responsible for maintaining the security screening devices, and will distribute them to their staff prior to the event.

9.2 During the event two uniformed police officers will remain on the first floor and two will remain on the second floor. The officers on the first floor will remain near the first floor entrance to Talley Student Center to assist with crowd control, while the second pair will roam the second floor monitoring the ballroom floor attentively; both pairs of officers will assist each other as needed.

9.3 Anyone not attending the party should leave the student center at 10pm, the closing hour for the building. Police officers will assist REM staff and student sponsors with clearing any loiterers.

9.4 Should an incident occur that would require the police to close the event early, the security supervisor will contact the Lead Host, organization advisor or REM staff as soon as is practical to explain the reasons for the early closure.

10. Party Closing Procedures

10.1 (15) minutes prior to the end of the party, an announcement will be made that it is almost over.

10.2 At 1:50AM, full lighting will come on and the music will stop.

10.3 During the exiting, sponsoring organization hosts, the advisor and REM staff will assist with directing the crowd out the designated exits.

10.4 Two police officers will remain inside until the crowd is clear.

10.5 Hosts may leave when the Event Manager agrees that they have fulfilled all of their responsibilities as listed above.

11. Costs

Sponsoring Host Organizations will be responsible for a $2050 deposit, due to the Talley Student Center three weeks prior to the event, to cover the costs of keeping the facility open after hours the night of the event, REM staff, police officers and security staffing, and any damages resulting from the event. These costs will be calculated and any remaining balance will be returned to the student organization. Damages that exceed the deposit amount will be billed to the sponsoring organization. (Upon request of the sponsoring group, REM may agree to accept a portion – no less than half -- of the deposit three weeks prior to the event and the remainder of the deposit the night of the event.)

11.1 Host Organizations will be responsible for the cost of the ticket printing.

11.2 Following the event, University Police will bill hourly wages for any excess time for the four police officers directly to the student organization. Excess officer time charged to the sponsoring groups includes time spent on administrative follow-up (incident reports, etc.) pertaining to any events occurring at the party.

12. Cancellation

Should a party be canceled after an organization has submitted a deposit and confirmed security the following procedures apply:

12.1 In order to receive the full deposit back, cancellation must be made by the Lead Host, five (5) business days prior to the event to the Reservations and Event Management (REM) Office in Talley Student Center.

12.2 Should cancellation be made less than five (5) business days before the party the group may be responsible for costs associated with reservation of services such as but not limited to: cancellation fees, room set-up fees, and police and security service minimums. See Reservations and Event Management for a list of fees. This includes cancellation the day of the event due to lack of advisors, hosts or other requirements to host a party.

12.3 Reservations and Events Management reserves the right to cancel any event for failure to follow the outlined procedures.

13. Policy Review and Violations

13.1 Student Organizations violating these procedures will face sanctions including but not limited to written warnings, loss of privileges, cancellation of future dates and referral to the Office of Student Conduct. Sanctions will become progressively more severe for repeat minor offenses. Major violations will result in more severe consequences even on the first offense.

13.2 Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests. If a policy violation or damages should occur, the sponsoring organization will be held responsible, but every effort should be made to identify the individuals involved and hold them accountable for their actions. 

Requests for review of these regulations and procedures should be directed to the Director of Campus Activities at 919-515-2451, the Reservations and Events Management Manager at 919-513-3451, or the president of the Student Center Board of Directors.