External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff

Revised: October 2, 2006.

Source: University of North Carolina – External Professional Activities of Faculty External Professional Activities of Faculty

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Research Administration

External Professional Activities for Pay
Notice of Intent to Engage in External Professional Activities for Pay Form
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As an agency of the state of North Carolina, NC State University is required to follow various federal and state laws and regulations, as well as policies and regulations of the University of North Carolina.


The University of North Carolina and its constituent institutions seek to appoint and to retain, as faculty and other professional staff members, individuals of exceptional competence in their respective fields of professional endeavor. Because of their specialized knowledge and experience, such persons have opportunities to apply their professional expertise to activities outside their University employment. Participation of faculty and other professional staff members in external professional activities for pay, typically in the form of consulting, is an important characteristic of academic employment that often leads to significant societal benefits, including economic development through technology transfer. However, such external activities for pay are to be undertaken only if they do not:

1.1. Create a conflict of commitment by interfering with the obligation of the individual to carry out all primary University duties in a timely and effective manner; or

1.2. Create a conflict of interest vis-à-vis the individual’s status as an employee of the University; or
Involve any inappropriate use or exploitation of University resources; or

1.3. Make any use of the name of the University of North Carolina or any of its constituent institutions for any purpose other than professional identification; or

1.4. Claim, explicitly or implicitly, any University or institutional responsibility for the conduct or outcome of such activities.


Each faculty member or other professional staff member who plans to engage in professional activities for pay should be familiar with the Board of Governors policy on External Professional Activities for Pay and shall complete the “Notice of Intent to Engage in External Professional Activities for Pay Form”, and the annual “External Professional Activities for Pay – Activity During the Past Fiscal Year Form”. The notice of intent system and instructions are found on the Research Administration website.