POL 11.00.01 – Institutional Fees

Authority:  Board of Trustees

History:  First Issued: November 21, 1997.

Additional References:
UNC Code: Appendix I, Sections V and IX 

Contact Info: University Cashier’s Office (919-515-2986)

1. The Chancellor shall present annually for Board approval recommendations concerning any adjustments (increases or decreases) in student fees and charges for the forthcoming academic year, as well as any proposed new fees. The report shall address the type, level, and extent of services provided and whether the services provided are commensurate with the fees charged. Justification for both new fees recommended and increased/decreased fees shall be included in the report. Any proposed changes shall be in full compliance with state law and any other requirements imposed by the Board of Trustees or the Board of Governors.

2. Prior to submission of the report, the Chancellor shall obtain appropriate input from representatives of campus life including, but not limited to, representatives of Finance and Administration, Academic and Student Affairs (DASA), the Provost’s Office, and the Student Body. Recommendations for student fee increases should be reviewed by faculty-student advisory committees (e.g., the Athletics Council) or by student boards (e.g., the University Student Center Board of Directors) before they are presented to the Student Senate for consideration. The University administration shall consider these recommendations before finalizing the University recommendations that are presented to the Board of Trustees.

3. The Board of Trustees will review the recommendations to:

3.1 assess whether or not the service being provided with the fee proceeds is needed, not simply wanted by the students;

3.2 assure that the level of support generated by the student fee is appropriate;

3.3 assure that alternative methods of providing the service have been fully considered; and,

3.4 assure that all alternative funding sources for the activity have been examined.

4. Recommendations for new fees or increases to existing fees which are approved by the Board of Trustees shall be submitted to the University President and Board of Governors for approval.