POL 11.40.01 – Uniform Student Grievance Procedure (Repealed)

Authority:  Board of Trustees

History:  First Issued: April 17, 1997.  Last Revised: July 13, 2011.

Related Policies:
NCSU POL11.35.01 – Code of Student Conduct 
NCSU REG11.40.01 – Grievance Procedure for Undergraduate Students

Additional References:
UNC Code, Section 501 C(4)
UNC Code, Appendix I Section XII

1. North Carolina State University would benefit from a single University-wide grievance procedure for students, other educational program participants, and applicants for admission.

2. In consultation with student government, the Chancellor and his designees are hereby delegated the authority to write and implement a single University-wide procedure for students. That procedure shall include the following elements:

2.1 Grievances shall be permitted on all subject matters specified by law and University of North Carolina policy, and such additional matters as the Chancellor determines are appropriate.

2.2 All parties to a grievance shall be given advance notice of hearing dates, times, and places. All parties shall be given a copy of the written grievance and any written response prior to hearing.

2.3 Grievants shall be entitled to present witnesses, proffer documentary evidence, and question opposing witnesses. Grievants may be accompanied by an observer.

2.4 Hearings shall be conducted by impartial panels composed of at least 50% student membership. The hearing panel recommendations and the decisions of administrators shall be based solely on the evidence from the hearing.

2.5 Grievants shall have appeal rights consistent with Board of Governors policy.