REG 02.10.03 – Transfer Credit

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: Fall 1991.

Related Policies:
NCSU REG02.30.02 – Graduation Requirements
NCSU RUL02.66.01 – Readmission of Former and Suspended Students

Contact Info: Department of Registration and Records (919-515-2572)

1. Transcripts of college course credit for new transfer students and for NC State students who have taken course work at another institution are evaluated by the dean of the appropriate college to determine how the work applies toward fulfilling the graduation requirements of each student’s intended curriculum. Credit accepted for transfer from another institution is shown only as credit hours and is not included in the computation of the grade point average.


Generally, credits from technical courses do not transfer. However, applicants from technical institutes, technical colleges, and technical programs at community colleges can be evaluated on an individual basis, and credit may be transferred for any courses that qualified applicants validate by prescribed procedures. These procedures include credit by examination and/or validation by the appropriate subject matter academic unit on the NC State campus.

Students admitted to an NC State undergraduate degree program who wish to take courses at another institution must obtain prior endorsement from their academic department and prior written approval from their college dean in order to insure that the transfer credits will apply toward fulfilling specific graduation requirements.

If a student has an F in a course required for graduation or has hours of D grades exceeding the maximum allowed by the student’s major department, then the required prior approval to transfer credit for these courses from another institution will be granted only in extenuating circumstances.

Transfer credit is not recorded on former students’ permanent records until after they have been readmitted and have re-enrolled. (See NCSU RUL02.66.01 – Readmission of Former and Suspended Students)