REG 02.10.04 – Identification and Performance Monitoring of Selected Students Requiring Special Consideration for Admissions

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: November 3, 2003.

Related Policies: 
UNC Policy Manual 700.1.1.1 [R] – Regulations on Minimum Undergraduate Admission Requirements
UNC Policy Manual 1100.1 – Intercollegiate Athletics

Contact Info: Vice-Provost for Enrollment Management and Services (919-513-2134)

1. Introduction

The NC State University Office of Undergraduate Admissions reviews and makes admissions decisions based on the individual merits of each application received. Multiple criteria including demonstrated exceptional talent in areas important to the University community, and representation of interests critically important to the University are considered in the admissions process. However, the overriding criterion in all admissions decisions is potential for academic success. Only students, who in the judgment of the Director of Admissions in consultation with appropriate faculty and other academic professionals have a reasonable chance for achieving academic success at NC State (given the availability of academic support programs), will be admitted to the University.

Because of this commitment to an admissions process based on the individual merits of applicants, there may be a broad range of academic preparation among students admitted in each new student cohort. Additionally, because of the University’s accompanying commitment to meeting the needs of all students we enroll the decision has been made to monitor very closely the success rates of student admitted on the lower end of that range. This regulation establishes the criteria for identifying students who will be subject to special monitoring and reporting.

2. Students Subject to Special Monitoring

Two categories of students will be subject to special monitoring:

Category 1 – Students meeting both UNC-System and NC State minimum admissions requirements who

2.1. received additional consideration for admission based upon the recommendation of an NC State academic or administrative unit and, where appropriate

2.2. were judged by the responsible academic support provider to be capable of academic success at NC State given available support services, and who

2.3. meet two or more of the following criteria

2.3.1. are in the bottom half of their high school graduating class and/or

2.3.2. have an SAT total score less than 900, and/or

2.3.3. have SAT Verbal or Math score less than 420, and/or

2.3.4. have a high school GPA less than 2.5

Category 2 – All students granted waivers of UNC-System minimum admissions requirements or of the NC State Minimum Admissions Requirements listed below.

NC State Minimum Admissions Requirements

1. Fulfill all UNC-System Minimum Course Requirements (MCR) unless specifically waived according to Board of Governors criteria **

2. Have earned a minimum cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better *

3. Have earned a high school diploma *

4. Have the support of the dean of the college or head of the academic program to which the student is being considered for enrollment, and the director of the appropriate academic support program by which the student will be served, ** in addition

5. Student-athletes admitted as first year students in this category must be eligible for NCAA competition (meeting minimum core course requirements and sliding scale GPA and SAT/ACT requirements)* and as transfers in this category, who were NCAA non-qualifiers upon graduation from high school, must have completed an associate of arts or associate of science degree. **

* Freshman students

** Freshman and transfer students

3. Reporting Academic Progress and Review of Process

3.1. Students meeting the criteria in Section 2 above will be closely monitored by the academic departments and colleges in which they are enrolled and by the Admissions Committee. The academic progress of these students will be reported by the chair of the Admissions Committee to the Faculty Senate, and by the chancellor to the Board of Trustees and Office of the President each academic year.

3.2. The Admissions Committee will be convened annually to review admissions and performance data on students covered by this regulation and will advise the Director of Admissions regarding appropriate adjustments to the future admissions consideration of applicants in this category.