REG 02.20.06 – Course Repeat Regulation

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: 1966. Last Revised: August 23, 2011.

Additional References:
NCSU REG02.20.16 – Undergraduate Grade Exclusion

Contact Info: Department Registration and Records (919-515-2572)


1.1  Undergraduate students may repeat a course for credit once without permission if the previous attempt was completed with a grade of D+ or less.  Students must have permission from the Dean of their respective college to attempt a course for credit more than twice.

1.2  A student must obtain his or her adviser’s approval before repeating any course previously passed with a C- or better.  No approval shall be given when:

1.2.1  The student wishes to repeat a course in which a grade of A or B has already been earned;

1.2.2  The student wishes to repeat a lower division course that they have passed with a grade of C- or better after having successfully completed an advanced course dealing with the same subject matter;

1.2.3  The student wishes to repeat a lower level course that they have passed with a C- or better which is a prerequisite for an advanced course that they had already successfully completed; or,

1.2.4  A student wishes to take an introductory course after they have successfully completed an advanced course dealing with similar material.

1.3  Students should not register again for any courses in which they have IN grades; such registration does not remove IN grades; and the completion of the course on the second occasion will automatically result in an F for the uncompleted course.

1.4  Undergraduate students may be allowed as many attempts as are appropriate in the departmental curriculum for courses that:

1.4.1  Are titled seminar, special problems, special topics, independent study or research, and

1.4.2  Cover topics different from those studied when the courses were taken previously.

1.5  Unless a course satisfies one of the above conditions, the semester hours will be counted only once toward the number of hours required for graduation even though students repeat and pass the course both times.


Except as provided in NCSU REG02.20.16 – Undergraduate Grade Exclusion, grades for all attempts will be included in the cumulative grade point average.