REG 02.20.10 – Listing of Required Course Materials with the NCSU Bookstores

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: 1983.

Contact Info: Vice Chancellor and Dean of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) (919-515-2446)

1. All textbooks and related course materials that students are required to purchase for courses taught at NCSU shall be listed with the NCSU Bookstores by faculty members responsible for courses. Such materials shall include standard textbooks and manuals from publishing houses as well as reprinted or photocopied books or manuals produced by local vendors. All such book, manuals, and related materials may be made available at the NCSU Bookstore to students who desire to purchase the materials on campus. For materials that cannot be made available at the bookstore but are available locally off campus, a list will be posted displaying the name and location of the commercial enterprise where the materials can be purchased. The NCSU Bookstores will share all listings received from faculty members with any commercial enterprise interested in selling required course materials to NCSU student. A nominal charge may be levied for each listing sufficient to cover costs of reproduction and related overhead.