REG 02.45.02 – Grades and Credit in Graduate Courses

Authority: Dean of the Graduate School

History: First Issued: June 1, 2002. Last Revised: November 29, 2011.

Additional References:
Graduate Administrative Handbook 3.18 
Graduate Administrative Handbook 3.19 (G)
Plan of Graduate Work

Contact Info: Dean of the Graduate School (919-515-7956)


1.1  To receive graduate degree credit, a grade of “C-” or higher is required in the courses taken after admission.  Grades on courses taken for graduate credit as an undergraduate at NC State, in PBS classification, or transferred from other universities must have a grade of “B” or better to be transferred.  All grades in courses numbered 400 and above taken in a graduate classification or for graduate credit as an undergraduate are included in the graduate grade point average (GPA).  Courses at the 300 level and below are not eligible for graduate credit and subsequently do not affect the graduate GPA.

1.2  Graduate students who take 400-level courses that are letter graded do not have the option of taking the courses for “credit only” if they intend for the course to be part of their Plan of Graduate Work.  Four-hundred-level letter-graded courses that are required by the program but will not be included in the Plan of Graduate Work may be taken for S/U credit (i.e. 400-level courses in the student’s major and FLE courses).

1.3  To graduate, a student must have a minimum 3.000 average on all graduate course work as well as all courses on his or her Plan of Graduate Work.


2.1  In order to determine a student’s GPA, the number of credit hours at the 400-level or higher that are attempted in a semester or summer session (for which regular grades are received) is divided into the total number of grade points earned.  The cumulative and semester GPAs will include the effect of any A+ grades awarded (at 4 1/3 grade points) up to a grade point average of 4.000.  The grade point average will be calculated to three decimal points.

2.2  Post Baccalaureate Studies:

2.2.1  Credits earned in PBS classification that become part of the Plan of Graduate Work are also included in the GPA calculations and the determination of academic standing.


3.1  Except in the case of inter-institutional registration, grades on courses taken at another institution will not be included in computing the GPA.


4.1  Students who repeat a course, regardless of the grade previously made, will have both grades counted in their cumulative GPA.  The semester hours will be counted only once toward the number of hours required for graduation even though the student has passed the course twice.  A graduate student may repeat a course in which a grade of “C-” or higher has been earned only upon the specific recommendation of the advisory committee and with the approval of the Graduate Dean.


5.1  When submitted to the Department of Registration and Records, end-of-course grades are final and not subject to change by reason of a revision of the instructor’s judgment; nor are submitted grades to be revised on the basis of a second trial (e.g., a new examination or additional work undertaken or completed).

5.2  Changes may only be made within one calendar year after the date final grades were submitted in order to correct an error of computation or transcribing or where part of the student’s work has been unintentionally overlooked.  The Grade Change Report, which can be obtained from Registration and Records, required the instructor’s signed statement as to the reason for the change, the approval of the Department Head in which the course is taught, and the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School.  Approval of the Dean is not necessary when changing from IN or LA.


6.1  A maximum of one credit hour will be awarded per week of full-time study for graduate courses offered by NC State University.  Exceptions may be made if the course has pre-class reading assignments and other preparation and/or follow-up activities such as a paper or research project, which will be evaluated before the grade is assigned.

6.2  In no case will more than two graduate credit hours be awarded for a course that meets full-time for one week.  Credit hours for intensive classes that meet less than full-time will be adjusted accordingly.