REG 02.50.01 – Credit by Examination

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: 1966. Last Revised: May 14, 2013.

Contact Info: Department Registration and Records (919-515-2572)


1.1  Undergraduate students currently registered at NC State may request an examination for undergraduate course credit under the conditions described below. Graduate students are not eligible to receive credit by examination.

1.2  Students must initiate a request with their adviser (except when a teaching department awards credit based upon group testing for placement purposes).  Should the adviser approve, the student must arrange for the examination with the department offering the course.

1.3  The department offering the course may administer the examination in any manner pertinent to the materials of the course.  Departments are encouraged to offer credit by examination in all undergraduate courses but have the prerogative of excluding certain courses which are demonstrably unsuited for credit by examination.

1.4  The academic standards for credit by examination will be commensurate with the academic standards for the course.  If a student’s performance on the examination is judged to be of C- or higher quality, the department head will notify the Department of Registration and Records on a Grade Report Form that the student has received “credit by examination” for the course.  The Department of Registration and Records will enter the appropriate number of credit hours on the student’s permanent academic record.  Credits earned through examination are not used in the calculation of a student’s grade point average.

1.5  A student who receives credit by examination in a course in which that student is currently enrolled must officially drop that course no later than the last day to drop for the term enrolled.

1.6  If the course credit by examination would enable a student to complete the final requirements for a degree, that student need not be registered in order to receive the credit.

1.7  Once a student has failed a course, has failed a previous credit by examination attempt, or has been enrolled in a course past the last day to drop, the student may not attempt credit by examination for that course.  Under unusual circumstances, exceptions may be made upon the written recommendation of the student’s adviser and the approval of the department offering the course.