REG 02.65.03 – Intracampus Transfers

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: 1980. Last Revised: January 30, 2013.

Related Policies:
NCSU RUL02.66.01 – Readmission of Former and Suspended Students

Contact Info: Vice Chancellor and Dean of Academic and Student Affairs (919-515-3037)


1.1. A student who has attempted fewer than twelve credit hours at NC State may transfer to another curriculum provided that the student meets the admission requirements of the intended new curriculum.

1.2. A student who has attempted twelve or more credit hours at NC State may transfer to another curriculum provided that the student is eligible to do so under the intracampus transfer policy which pertains to the intended curriculum.


2.1. Undergraduate students wishing to change from one curriculum to another must report to the dean’s office of the college offering the curriculum in which entrance is desired and request acceptance into the new school/college or curriculum. If acceptance is approved, a Curriculum Change Form will be issued, bearing the signature of the accepting dean. If the former curriculum was in a different college, the Curriculum Change Form should be submitted for the signature of the releasing dean with the request that all records be transferred to the new college and department. From the standpoint of advising, preregistration, and adding and dropping courses, the student is considered to be in the new curriculum as soon as the Curriculum Change Form is completed and filed with the Department of Registration and Records and the records of the student have been transferred to the new department.

(See also “NCSU RUL02.66.01 – Readmission of Former and Suspended Students” and “University Policies andCollege/Departmental Policies.”)