REG 02.80.01 – Academic Requirements for Completion of the USP

Authority: Vice Chancellor and Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA)

History: First Issued: July 1, 2002. Last Revised: May 14, 2010.

Contact Info: University Scholars Program (919-515-2353)


To successfully complete the program, University Scholars must:

1.1 Graduate with an accumulated Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.25 or better

1.2 Complete 12 hours of approved course credit (honors, graduate level, study abroad, independent research and other approved coursework)

1.3 Earn at least a B- in all courses used to complete the 12 hours of coursework required for completion of the program

1.4 Receive a grade of “S” (satisfactory) for three semesters of Scholars Forum (HSS 110, HSS 111) coursework

During the semester a student expects to graduate, the student should complete a University Scholars Program (USP) Requirements Completion Form and return it to the USP office (102 Sullivan). Prompt completion of this form will help avoid confusion and ensure that students are properly recognized at commencement.