REG 06.10.07 – Noncredit Course Fee Refunds and Course Cancellation

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement

History: First Issued: April 1, 2001.

Contact Info: Professional Development Asst. Director – Specialist (919-515-8179)


Clarifies and defines the timeline for noncredit course fee refunds to registrants and establishes course cancellation procedures.


2.1. Options and obligation of confirmed course registrants:

2.1.1. May send a substitute participant at any time with no charge or penalty;

2.1.2. Must submit a written request for a refund received by Professional Development staff at least ten (10) business days prior to the start of the program for a full refund of the registration fee;

2.1.3. Cancellation within ten (10) business days of the start of the program will result in a service charge penalty to be deducted from the full registration fee before a refund check is processed and mailed to the participant; or

2.1.4. A participant who simply does not attend the scheduled program with no contact with Professional Development staff prior to the start date will be liable for the entire fee.

2.2. Course cancellation by Professional Development:

2.2.1. On rare occasions, a program may be cancelled due to extreme, extenuating circumstances. In the event a cancellation should occur, notice will be given to each confirmed participant as quickly as possible but no later than one day prior to the start date.

2.2.2. A full refund will be issued to the participant, or enrollment at no cost will be permitted in the next offering on the same topic or related course selected by the individual.