REG 06.10.08 – Nondegree – Noncredit Educational Activities Process

Authority: University of North Carolina – Office of the President (UNC-OP)

History: UNC-OP mandated 1997; Implemented FY 1997-98 by the McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education (MCE&CE).

Additional References:
Non-Degree Credit Activity Reporting
McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education (MCE&CE)

Contact Info: Assistant Vice Chancellor for Extension & Engagement (919-515-3373); MCE&CE Home Page


Standardized method for institutional collection and reporting of noncredit educational program activity data as required by UNC-OP. The McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education (MCE&CE) manages the web-based system and serves as campus coordinator in collecting and monitoring the activity data.


2.1. Activity data must be reported by the various campus units implementing noncredit offerings throughout the fiscal year. Reported activity must meet the following definition and criteria of public service offerings as mandated by UNC-OP:

2.1.1. must be a planned, structured noncredit educational experience;

2.1.2. participants are registered by name and the opportunity to participate is available to individuals beyond the campus community;

2.1.3. the institution either sponsors or offers the activity (the content is reviewed/developed) or hosts the activity (institutional facilities and/or support services are provided);

2.1.4. the activity is offered for at least one of these purposes:

2.1.4a. enhance employment opportunities and/or job skills,

2.1.4b. improve citizenship and/or leadership skills,

2.1.4c. support economic or community development,

2.1.4d. enrich personal understanding and skill development,

2.1.4e. provide improvements to K-12 education, or

2.1.4f. encourage environmental stewardship.

2.2. Data elements that must be reported by the respective units for each activity implemented include:

2.2.1. title of activity,

2.2.2. name of school, college or division,

2.2.3. CIP/activity content,

2.2.4. activity date,

2.2.5. activity site,

2.2.6. sponsored or hosted activity,

2.2.7. number of contact hours-if sponsored,

2.2.8. number of registrants-if sponsored,

2.2.9. number of attendees-if hosted,

2.2.10. industry served-two-digit “Standard Industry Classification” (SIC) code,

2.2.11. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offered-“Yes” or “No,”

2.2.12. registrants primary locale, and

2.2.13. main impact on the constituents served or expected outcome(s) of the activity.

Go to Non-Degree Credit Activity Reporting for more information including definition, instructions, data input form, and reports generated from the data.

The electronic version of the activity report form may be accessed and data entered by the academic unit representatives who have completed an ACS 025 form requesting an assigned code.