REG 07.35.02 – Campers Insurance

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: April 8, 2002.

Contact Info: Insurance and Risk Management Director (919-515-6124)

1. Purpose

The purpose of this statement is to provide guidance on insurance coverages for non-regularly enrolled students engaged in activities such as conferences, workshops, etc. sponsored by the University.

1.1. Applicable Rules

1.1.1. These rules are administered through the University’s Department of Insurance and Risk Management

1.1.2. These rules provide coverage to meet the various limits required by the departments on campus for accidental death, dismemberment, and for loss of sight; and various limits for accidental medical expenses, and sickness that occurs at the camp site.

1.1.3. Cost of this insurance is paid by the requesting department.

1.2. Procedures

1.2.1. The department should call Insurance and Risk Management and request this coverage in advance of the camp.

1.2.2. Insurance and Risk Management will send the requesting department a Campers Blanket Health Policy Attendance Report to be filled out listing the dates of the camp and the number of persons in attendance.

1.2.3. Any accidents with students involved in a camp must be reported to Insurance and Risk Management by noon of the next day following the accident. The types of information which must be provided include:

1.2.3a. Name and Address of Injured Student

1.2.3b. Student’s Age

1.2.3c. Name and Address of Hospital and Attending Physician

1.2.3d. Date, Time and Place of Accident

1.2.3e. Nature of Injury

1.2.3f. Name of Supervisor of the Activity

1.2.3g. Name and Address of Witnesses to Accident

1.2.3h. Insurance and Risk Management will then file a claim with the insurance agency.