REG 07.55.04 – Returned Checks

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: January 2, 2002.

Additional References:
University Cashier’s Website

Contact Info: University Cashier’s Office Director (919-515-6010)

1. Requirements

All checks deposited through the University Cashier’s Office that are returned by Wachovia Bank will incur a $25.00 return check fee. Once the check has been purchased from Wachovia the face value of the check plus the $25.00 will be charged back to the department’s account that original deposit was made to.

We advise you pass this charge along to the payee upon collection of the debt. You should publicize this charge on any policy and procedure manuals, if you intend to reimburse your department for the charges.

Hopefully this will help discourage students/customers from writing insufficient fund checks.