REG 10.05.10 – Sponsored Award Modifications

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: January 1, 2002. Last Revised: April 5, 2013.

Related Policies:
NCSU REG10.05.07 – Post Award Administrative Prior Approval Requests

Contact Info: Assistant Director, Systems and Compliance (919-515-8011) Office of Contracts and Grants

1. Introduction

Modifications are formal changes to the original agreement usually requiring mutual written consent between the University and a sponsoring agency. Changes that are considered modifications are established by OMB Circular A-110, Federal Acquisition Regulations, and other individual sponsor guidelines and regulations.

2. Guidelines

2.1. Increase or decrease in anticipated funding.

2.2. Changes in project scope or objective.

2.3. Change in principal investigator or other key personnel specified in the application/award document.

2.4. Extension of the project period.

2.5. Early termination of the project.

2.6. Transfer of project or equipment to another university.

2.7. Awarding subcontracts.

2.8. Other actions or changes cited in the terms of an agreement.

3. Procedures for approval of modifications

Most of the sponsored award modifications cited above require the same approval as a proposal or a new award with the final approval and acceptance by the Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Economic Development. However, some sponsoring agencies have delegated the approval authority for certain types of modifications to the Office of Contracts and Grants. While these post-award actions have been delegated to the University, formal notification to the Sponsor and subsequent award modification are still required.

Requests for modification should be submitted to the Office of Contracts and Grants via NCSU REG10.05.07 – Post Award Administrative Prior Approval Requests. The Office of Contract and Grants will review related justifications submitted by the Colleges and approve/deny requests for sponsored award given any delegated authority granted to the University by the awarding agency. Contracts and Grants will involve Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services in this process as is necessary to correspond with sponsors in obtaining formal modifications.