REG 11.45.01 – Billing Procedure

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA)

History: First Issued: October 1, 2002. Last Revised: February 13, 2006.

Contact Info: Director of Student Health Services (SHS) (919-513-3285)

1. Introduction

Charges are made for some services at Student Health Services, (SHS), e.g., prescriptions, lab tests, x-rays, physical therapy and women’s health exams. Patient will be informed of charges for services and have options for making payment, in compliance with our Statement of Patient Rights & Responsibilities. This regulation sets forth the procedure for billing charges and for the payment of such charges when they are due.

2. Procedure:

2.1 The schedule of charges is established and a partial list posted in the lobby. When the patient presents for treatment, they read and sign the payment and billing statement that is printed on the encounter form. Providers and staff will inform patients whenever a procedure, service, supply or drug has an added charge.

2.2 Payment is due at the time of service if possible, (cash, check, MasterCard or Visa). Payment by check, MasterCard or Visa requires proper identification (NCSU identification card or current driver’s license). Credit cards must be signed by the cardholder or authorized user. If charges are not paid at the time of service, they are electronically transferred to the University Cashier’s Office and the patient is responsible for settling their account there.

2.3 Payment made by check that is returned by Wachovia Bank will incur a $25.00 return check fee. Registration, transcripts, and records may be held until payment is made in the University Cashier’s Office.

2.4. Filing of insurance is the patient’s responsibility except for the NCSU student medical insurance plan purchased through the university, which Student Health files electronically for covered students. The Pharmacy accepts numerous drug cards for payment.

2.5 Procedures performed by medical staff are indicated on the encounter form and entered by the lab or business office personnel. Pharmacy staff members enter charges for prescriptions. The established charge for each procedure, service, supply or drug is stored in the system and the patient is billed accordingly. Charges are reviewed annually by the Director of Student Health and may be changed. Changes must be approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA).

2.6 Disputes about billing should be brought to the attention of the Director or Associate Director of Student Health Services.