REG 11.45.02 – Eligibility For Use of Student Health Services

Authority: Vice Chancellor and Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (DASA)

History: First Issued: October 1, 2002. Last Revised: June 14, 2016.

Contact Info: Director of Student Health Services (SHS) (919-513-3285)


Currently enrolled NC State University students, who have paid the university health fee, are eligible to use Student Health Services (SHS).  Certain other individuals may receive services at SHS as described below.  Individuals covered under the NC State-sponsored student health insurance are not automatically eligible to use SHS.  These procedures clarify who is eligible for SHS services, dates of eligibility, and exceptions.


2.1  Individuals Eligible for SHS Services

The following individuals are eligible for services:

2.1.1 All enrolled, degree seeking, fee paying undergraduate and graduate students;

2.1.2  Students attending orientation;

2.1.3 Non-degree studies and Co-op students;

2.1.4 Summer orientation student counselors during orientation training and sessions;

2.1.5 National Student Exchange (NSE) students who have paid NC State University health fees;

2.1.6 Post-docs listed on the official eligibility list, contingent upon payment being received on day of service;

2.1.7 Vet School students are eligible year-round (do not need to pay Summer Session health fee);

2.1.8 Visiting CVM students from Ross, St. George and St. Matthew, if on list, upon payment of each semester health fee and any ancillary charges paid on the date of service;

2.1.9 MGE Summer research program participants;

2.1.10  UNC-CH Biomedical Engineering students and SEED Program High School students;

2.1.11 NC State employees, but only for the following:

(a) travel clinic, massage therapy, dental, and prescriptions on formulary (with payment due on the date of service).

(b)  Workers’ Compensation with HR referral for physical therapy and Lab.

2.1.12  International students: Visiting internationals participating in Global Training Initiative short-term programs and international exchange students are eligible for services at SHS upon payment on the date of service.

2.2.13  Certain visitors, subject to the following:

(a) Visitors injured on campus may receive urgent medical care at SHS.

(b) Visiting athletes may receive care for injury or non-injury.

(c)  Individuals attending University-sponsored short courses, camps, institutes, Upward Bound, Transitions, and USDA Challenge Grant.

2.2  Patients Not Eligible for SHS Services

Because no student health fees are paid, the following groups are not eligible for services:

2.2.1 Distance Education students;

2.2.2 NC State employees and unenrolled students working over the summer;

2.2.3 NC State employees taking a “tuition” free course;

2.2.4 Visiting faculty, visiting research staff, visiting scholars;

2.2.5 Encore lifelong enrichment students;


3.1 Fall and Spring Semesters

3.1.1  Students enrolled in the Fall Semester can receive services at SHS from check-in day until the university closes for Winter Break.

3.1.2 Students enrolled in the Spring Semester can receive services at SHS from when the university opens after Winter Break until first day of Summer Session I.

3.1.3  Newly enrolled students who come to SHS for immunizations may receive required immunizations, including meningitis shots, by appointment only.  No Summer Session health fee will be required for immunization services.

3.2  Summer Sessions

3.2.1  Registered Students.  Students registered for Summer Sessions are eligible for SHS services during the session(s) they are registered.  Eligibility dates are from the first day of Summer Session classes to last day of exams.

3.2.2 Non-Registered Continuing Students.

(a)     Students not enrolled in either Summer Session, but enrolled in the previous Spring Semester, and are pre-registered or intend to register for the upcoming Fall Semester may pay a Summer Session health fee in order to be seen at SHS.  This fee is non-refundable and will be charged to the student prior to check in.

(b)    Students who were enrolled during Spring Semester, but not a Summer Session, and plan to enroll in Fall Semester, may continue to use the SHS pharmacy without paying a Summer Session health fee.  Patients seen late in Spring Semester but not enrolled in a Summer Session or Fall Semester may be allowed one courtesy follow-up visit and/or refill upon provider approval/request. Patients diagnosed with ADD may have one courtesy visit each Summer Session for ADD return visits only.  Additional visits will require payment of the Summer Session health fee.

3.2.3 Graduate Students.

(a)  Graduate students who were enrolled in Spring Semester but not a Summer Session, and are engaged on campus doing research, etc., must pay the Summer Session health fee(s) to be eligible for continued service.

(b)  Incoming fall graduate students, who are academically working on campus in the summer, must pay the Summer Session health fee(s) plus any ancillary charges incurred in order to be eligible for services.

3.2.4  Students Returning Early for Fall Semester.  Students returning to campus early for Fall Semester for athletics, band, housing RA/RD jobs, etc., are eligible to be treated without paying a Summer Session health fee.

3.2.5  Student Athletes during the Summer Period.  Athletes remaining on campus following the Spring Semester and presenting with an Athletic referral form are eligible for services and not charged a Summer Session health fee.

3.2.6  Students Attending Orientation.  Students attending orientation are eligible for treatment at SHS, and are not required to pay the Summer Session health fee.

3.3  Graduation/Withdrawal/Transfer

3.3.1  Graduation.

(a)  Students who are graduating will be eligible for services until the end of the semester.

(b)  To facilitate continuity of care and allow one transitional semester of service, a student who graduates in May, may pay the Summer Session health fee(s), a summer graduate may pay the Fall Semester health fee, and a December graduate may pay the Spring Semester health fee to continue eligibility for services. These fees must be charged before services are received at SHS.

3.3.2  Withdrawal or Transfer.  Students who are in the process of transferring to another school or withdraw during a semester will be eligible until the date of their transfer/withdraw. Students who have withdrawn, or are in the process of transferring may be allowed one follow up courtesy visit or prescription refill upon Physician, Physician Extender, and/or Nurse approval/request. If these students receive partial refund of tuition/fees, they may pay the refunded health fee to re-activate SHS eligibility for that semester.

3.4  Immunizations

3.4.1  A health fee will not be charged for the subsequent semester solely for:

(a)  Students who start a series of immunization tests or shots in one semester or session, and the series requires them to finish in the next semester; or

(b)  Students returning from travel and require a follow up recommended Tuberculosis screening.

3.4.2  Inactive students must pay for the test or shots on the day of service.