REG 11.60.03 – Reserving Space in the Talley Student Union

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: October 1, 2002. Last Revised: August 3, 2010.

Related Policies:
NCSU REG04.20.01 – Alcohol Regulation

Additional References:
University Catering
Event Services Information

Contact Info: Talley Student Union Reservations Manager (919-515-2249)

1. The Talley Student Union facilities may be reserved during regularly scheduled hours by university-affiliated departments, registered student groups with Student Involvement as well as non-affiliated organizations of the university.  Use of the facilities outside of these hours will result in a non pro-rated charge of $50 per hour for student organizations and $75 per hour for all others.

2. The rooms are available approximately 15 minutes before the meeting unless scheduled differently by Reservations.  All clients are expected to honor their reservation end time and leave the room as found.

3. Cancellation/No Show Rule:  The use of Talley Facilities are in heavy demand and to accommodate the numerous space requests, knowledge of the availability of space is essential; this requires a strict cancellation clause.  Labor schedules are predicted on scheduled events.  Units are expected to cancel (via email) in advance their decision to release scheduled space.  Failure to cancel a reservation in at timely manner will result in applicable room and labor charges being assessed.  Reservation privileges will be revoked in cases of unpaid facility charges.

4. All programs should be conducted in such a manner as not to produce excessive noise that may be disruptive to others.

5. Setup and equipment needs are required when making reservations.  Last minute requests may not be honored.

6. Storage space is not available.  The Student Centers will not be responsible for any materials or equipment left in the buildings overnight, during breaks, or after events.  Items left will be logged into the lost and found for thirty (30) days; after thirty (30) days, such items may no longer be retrievable.

7. Student Center employees must move the Student Centers’ furniture and equipment.  The reserving organization will be charged for damages that occur when not following this policy.

8. Decorations, signs and other materials must not be attached to the walls, doors, painted or papered surfaces of the building with tape or staples, poster putty, provided by the client, may be used.  All materials must be removed at the conclusion of the meeting or event.

9. Snack Policy:  Only non-perishable snacks are allowed, i.e.; potato chips, pretzels, cookies, nuts, and soft drinks.  Coffee (for personal use) may be brought in a thermos or a similar container that does not require electricity.  Appliances that require an electrical outlet or any type of sterno or open flame to keep them hot are not allowed.  Perishable food items (food that must be maintained at a certain temperature to prevent spoilage) i.e.; meat and dairy products or mayonnaise based items, may not be brought into the TSC by the user group.  Groups are responsible for removal of all items brought into the Student Center.  A $50.00 cleanup charge will be assessed in cases where the room is not left as it was found.

10. Catering:  Perishable food choices and coffee service are to be contracted through University Catering, the sole caterer for Talley Student Union.  All catering services are coordinated between the client and University Catering at 919-515-2023.  Catering menus and procedures can be found online at University Catering.

11. Permission to serve beer and/or unfortified wine on a per-event basis requires an alcohol Permission Form.  This form can be obtained from the TSC Reservations Office and must be submitted at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the scheduled event date.  The Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (or designee) must approve the application.

12. The Talley Student Union and Campus Police work together to provide a secure environment for guests and patrons.  When an event is determined to be one that requires Campus Police, the client will be advised to contact them and make the necessary arrangements.  Campus Police must be contacted no later than three (3) weeks prior to the event in order to obtain security coverage.  Failure to obtain security when required will result in the cancellation of the event.  The special event request form can be found online at Event Services Information.

13. The Student Centers are not responsible for any losses or injuries suffered by any person as a result of a room reservation and/or activities sponsored by the reserving organization.  These incidents should be reported to the Information Desk located on the 1st floor of Talley Student Union or by calling 919-515-3138.

14. The Talley Student Union and Witherspoon Student Center are smoke-free areas.  Any use of fire producing articles, i.e., candles, incense, matches, etc. is prohibited unless prior approval has been granted.  Use of firearms, illegal drugs and illegal gambling devices are not permitted at any time within the buildings.

15. Violations of the Student Centers’ policies may result in the loss of Student Center privileges and/or charges.