RUL 02.61.08 – Unassisted Access to D. H. Hill Library (Hillsborough Street Entrance)

Authority: Vice Provost and Director of Libraries

History: First Issued: September, 2002. Last Revised: October 19, 2007.

Additional References:
Application for Unassisted Access to D. H. Hill

Contact Info: Vice Provost and Director of Libraries (919-515-7188)

1. Purpose

To set forth procedures for obtaining unassisted access to D. H. Hill Library’s Hillsborough Street Entrance for disabled users, while maintaining library security and protecting collections.

2. Access to D. H. Hill Library’s Hillsborough Street Entrance

D. H. Hill Library has an electronic door-opening system that provides unassisted access to the building from the Hillsborough Street Entrance for those with mobility disabilities.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Users affiliated with NC State University who have mobility disabilities are eligible to apply for an electronic proximity access card to this system. (See Application for Unassisted Access to D. H. Hill)

3.2 Eligibility for an electronic proximity access card is determined in the same way as eligibility to use campus handicapped parking. Verification of a current, approved NC State University Division of Transportation handicapped parking application or placard is acceptable to establish eligibility for permanent or temporary access to the D. H. Hill Library through the Hillsborough Street Entrance.

3.3 An applicant must meet one or more of the following criteria:

3.3.1 Cannot walk without use or assistance of a wheelchair, brace(s), cane, walker, crutch(es), prosthetic device, another person, or assistive device;

3.3.2 Cannot walk 200 feet without stopping to rest;

3.3.3 Uses portable oxygen;

3.3.4 Has restricted mobility due to a respiratory, cardiac, arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition; and/or

3.3.5 Is totally blind or has severe visual impairment.

3.4 Temporary approval/permission may be given for non-chronic mobility impairments, to include:

3.4.1 Temporary mobility impairment due to recent surgery, accident, or illness.

3.4.2 Pregnancy when there are extenuating circumstances, complications or limitations.

4. Approval Process

4.1 Permanent Access Cards

4.1.1 The NCSU Libraries Administration bases its approval on information supplied by the applicant, and upon verification of affiliation status by the appropriate university unit.

4.1.2 Final decisions will be made five (5) working days of receipt of an application.

4.1.3 Once approved, electronic proximity cards will be sent by mail to the applicant or delivered by campus mail, if possible.

4.1.4 Permanent approvals are usually for a period of one year.

4.1.5 Permanent approvals may be renewed unless there is a change in status, such as separation from NC State University.

4.2 Temporary Access Cards

Temporary approvals are issued for a specified period of time in accordance with the physician’s recommendation.

4.3 Misuse of Electronic Proximity Access Cards

4.3.1 Proximity cards are considered misused if they are loaned to or used by any unauthorized person.

4.3.2 Proximity cards whose period of use has expired will be invalidated electronically.

4.4 Fees for Proximity Cards

There is no fee associated with the use of a proximity card, but persons who do not return a card upon expiration of the approved use period will be billed for the cost of replacing the card.