RUL 02.66.02 – Registration Cancellation

Authority:  Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History:  First Issued: 1969.  Last Revised: August 23, 2011.

Contact Info:  Department of Registration and Records (919-515-2572)

1.  Under certain circumstances a student’s name is removed from class rolls by a cancellation of registration. The following six types of situations warrant registration cancellation:

1.1  When the University has been unable to follow through on its commitment to the student, as (a) when a course is canceled because of insufficient enrollment or (b) when a graduate student’s thesis adviser becomes unavailable because of unanticipated absence from the campus;

1.2  When the student is found to be ineligible to be in classes after having registered, as (a) when a student whose hearing on a violation of the Student Code of Conduct was not held before registration is subsequently suspended or (b) when a student’s eligibility to continue in a sponsored study program has not been determined at the time registration must be completed and subsequently is found to be ineligible;

1.3  When a student notifies the University prior to the beginning of the first day of classes of intention not to attend;

1.4  When a student fails to satisfy financial obligations to the University and the Student Accounts Office, after adequate notification to the student, requests that the registration be canceled;

1.5  When a student fails to matriculate into a degree program from a non-degree program, e.g., PMU and UUC, within the specified hour limitation; and

1.6  When a student who is subject to review at 160 hours attempted plus transferred hours is not authorized by a college dean to continue registration in a subsequent semester.