RUL 02.66.03 – Non-Degree Studies Enrollment

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: November 11, 2011.

Contact Info: Vice Provost, Enrollment Management and Services, (919-515-2572)

1.  Non-Degree Studies/Visiting Students

1.1  Non-Degree Studies (NDS) provides individuals who have not been admitted into an NC State degree program access to credit courses as a visiting student on a part-time basis.

1.2  Permission to attend as an NDS student does not guarantee or imply admission into a degree program.

2.  Eligibility

2.1  To participate in NDS, students must have graduated from high school at least one year before beginning enrollment or have the written support of their high school principal.

2.2  Students must be eligible to return to any previous institution(s) attended.

2.3  Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at all times to remain eligible to continue.

3.  Enrollment

3.1  Students are limited to a maximum course load of 8 hours per term.

3.2  Students are limited to a maximum cumulative enrollment of 30 hours as an NDS student.

3.3  Enrollment for any term is based on available capacity and students in degree granting programs have priority.

3.4  Exceptions require written support from an academic department or college.

3.5  Students subsequently admitted to an undergraduate program will have all coursework, including grades, applied to the undergraduate degree total GPA.

3.6  Students subsequently admitted to a graduate program may request up to 12 credit hours be transferred into their degree program.  Transferred hours are subject to Graduate School approval, rules and procedures.