RUL 05.21.14 – W. Dallas Herring Professorship Award Procedure

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: April 29, 2009.

Related Policies:
NCSU REG05.20.17 – Professorships of Distinction

Contact Info: Dean, College of Education, (919-515-5900)


In recognition of William Dallas Herring’s distinguished and lasting contributions to lifelong learning, the William Dallas Herring Professorship in Community College Education was established to supplement the salary of a distinguished faculty member in the department containing the programs of adult and higher education at NC State University. This rule describes the procedure to award this professorship and is in agreement with the terms of the endowment.


2.1. Selection of the candidate for the Professorship may proceed in one of two ways at the discretion of the Department Head and with approval of the Dean.

2.2. Current faculty: The head of the department containing the programs of adult and higher education identifies a current faculty member who possesses the credentials to carry out appropriate teaching, research, and/or outreach.

2.2.1. The Head recommends to the Dean of the College of Education that this faculty member be awarded the Dallas Herring Professorship.

2.2.2. Upon Dean’s approval, the Head notifies the faculty member of the award.

2.3. External Candidates: For candidates external to NC State, the Dean shall enhance the Search Committee at the point of making a final list of candidates to include two NC State Professors of Distinction and one representative from a North Carolina community college or the NC Community College System to review the credentials and to make a recommendation regarding the suitability of each of the final candidates.

2.3.1. Upon the recommendations from the search committee, the Department Head will recommend a candidate or candidates for the professorship to the Dean.

2.3.2. Upon the candidate’s acceptance of the job offer associated with the Professorship, the Dean issues a formal award letter to the nominee with a copy to the Department Head.

2.4. The Dean informs the Chancellor and Provost of the new appointment.

2.5. This appointment will be reviewed on a three-year basis.

2.6. If the incumbent retires, resigns, or takes different responsibilities in the department, the professorship will be relinquished and awarded to a new eligible faculty member.