RUL 05.21.16 – Philip Morris Professorship Award Procedure

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

History: First Issued: October 12, 2010.

Related Policies:
NCSU REG05.20.17 – Professorships of Distinction

Contact Info: Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, (919-515-2668)


The Philip Morris Professorships (3) were established to recognize and support outstanding faculty achievement in tobacco research and extension.  According to the endowment agreement, the professorships will have one Philip Morris Professor dedicated to tobacco extension, one Philip Morris Professor dedicated to tobacco research and one Philip Morris Professor dedicated to tobacco extension, but could be filled by a tobacco researcher if an Extension Specialist is not available or eligible.  Award of the professorships will be contingent on availability of funding.  The rank of Professor is preferred, but a highly qualified tenured Associate Professor can be appointed under the recommendation of the selection committee and approval of the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University.  The faculty member must have at least 51% of their effort dedicated to tobacco and have an internationally recognized tobacco identity.  Department Extension leaders remain eligible if they meet the other criteria.  This rule describes the procedure to award these professorships and is in agreement with the terms of the endowment.


2.1 When a vacancy or vacancies exists, the College issues a general call to the Department Heads and College faculty for nominations of any full-time (>0.75 FTE and benefit eligible) associate or full professors with an appointment working in some aspect of tobacco extension or research in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  Individuals may be self-nominated or nominated by other faculty or department heads for consideration.

2.2 Nominations are to be submitted by the deadline noted in the general call.  Six (6) copies of nomination materials are to be submitted.  These materials must include name and department of nominee, name and department of nominator, biographical data and educational background with emphasis on pertinent educational background, academic and professional achievements, a statement (limited to 250 words) evaluating the candidates qualifications, a list of publications and statements on significant programs and projects which attest to competence and contributions, three (3) supporting letters of recommendation from NC State University faculty members including one from the candidate’s department head and/or administrative supervisor, and three (3) letters supporting the nominations from professional colleagues outside the NC State University faculty.

2.3 Sitting faculty who already hold a professorship of distinction are not eligible.

2.4 The Dean will appoint a selection committee consisting of five professors familiar with tobacco research and extension, and possibly the other Philip Morris Professors, to review the nominations submitted.  The committee will report the results of their review in ranked order to the Dean of the College.

2.5 The Dean confers with the Associate Deans and selects recipient(s).

2.6 The Dean will issue a letter of award with copies to the applicable department head and the individual personnel file.

2.7 In the event an incumbent retires, resigns, or takes different responsibilities in the department, the professorship will be relinquished.  Should the individual be appointed to an administrative or teaching position, the title of Philip Morris Professor shall be retained, but the salary supplement shall be relinquished.

2.8 The Dean will inform the Chancellor and Provost of the new awardee(s).