RUL 05.68.62 – Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences Post Tenure Review Standards and Procedures

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History: First Issued: December 11, 2009. Last Revised: February 24, 2017.

Related Policies:
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NCSU POL05.20.01 – Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Permanent Tenure
NCSU REG05.20.04 – Post Tenure Review of Faculty
NCSU REG05.20.27 – Statement of Faculty Responsibilities
NCSU REG05.20.10 – Evaluation of Teaching

Additional References: 
Office of the Provost RPT Website
NC State Guide on Peer Review of Teaching

Contact Info:  Department Head (919-513-6422)



This rule describes standards and procedures of the Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences for post tenure review of faculty.  It supplements NC State University and the College of Veterinary Medicine Academic Tenure Policy and Regulation on Post Tenure Review of Faculty.  To the extent of any inconsistency, the Academic Tenure Policy and Post Tenure Review Regulation control.  The Department Head is responsible for assuring that the procedures as set forth in NCSU REG05.20.04 – Post Tenure Review of Faculty, (the University rule) NCSU REG XXXX (the College rule—will have a number and link when assigned) and this Rule are followed.


2.1 The Department Head shall initiate the election at the end of spring semester at the same time as other college Committee elections are held.  Reasonable effort will be made to get at least two nominees for each vacant PTRC position(s). Members rotating off the committee are eligible for re-election, but limited to two consecutive terms. A candidate will be considered elected if a majority of eligible voters has voted and the candidate receives a majority of the votes cast. If these conditions are not met then a runoff election will be held immediately after.  The two candidates receiving the most votes will be eligible for the runoff.  For a candidate to be elected, a majority of eligible tenured faculty must participate in the runoff. In case of a vacancy on the PTRC an election will be held to fill that position for its original term as per the aforementioned rules.

2.2 In any given academic year, a member of the PTRC who is serving for his or her last year of their three year term will chair the committee. In the case that there are two members serving their last year, the Chair will be determined by a vote of the committee.

2.3 Meeting Schedule

The PTRC Chair will be responsible for scheduling all meetings, coordinating with the Department Head, and preparing and transmitting reports from the committee to the Department Head. After the election of the new PTRC member(s), the PTRC will meet with the Department Head to be advised as to who will be reviewed during that year and what the schedule will be. The main review will be held in January or February after the Department has assembled the required materials from each faculty member to be reviewed, as set forth in section 5.2 of University NCSU REG05.20.04 – Post Tenure Review of Faculty.



The documentation provided to the PTRC is set forth in section 5.2 of NCSU REG05.20.04 – Post Tenure Review of Faculty, i.e.

3.1 Current Curriculum Vita

3.2 Statement of Faculty Responsibility

3.3 Each annual activity report since the last post tenure review

3.4 Peer teaching evaluations since the last post tenure review (peer review of associate professors and professors must be completed every 3 and 5 years, respectively, as stipulated in NCSU REG05.20.10 – Evaluation of Teaching)

3.5 A candidate statement (Maximum 2 pages) is strongly encouraged.

Failure to provide these required documents by the deadline set forth by the PTRC will result in a determination of “does not meet” expectations. The Department Head will transmit a written summary of the PTRC’s findings and his/her own assessment to the faculty member. These findings will include a statement as to whether the faculty member “meets”, “does not meet” or “exceeds” expectations according to the performance standards for the department (see below, Section 4.).

4.  Performance Standards

4.1 Standards for Associate Professor

Associate Professors with tenure will be evaluated with regard to assigned effort in the individual’s realms of responsibility described in his/her SFR at the Associate Professor standard as set forth in the Department’s Rule on Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedures (

The expectation is that an Associate Professor will show evidence that he/she is making contributions that will eventually qualify the candidate for promotion to Professor.  Associate Professors should show evidence of continued contributions in their major focus area (research, teaching, service).  Demonstration of such contributions might include continued scholarly activity through innovative peer research, demonstration of advanced teaching techniques or awards, or serving on national scientific or specialty boards.

4.2 Standards for Professor

Professors are to be evaluated to determine if they are performing adequately in the realms of responsibility set forth in their Statement of Faculty Responsibility at the standard set forth in the Department’s Rule on Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedures ( They must present evidence that they are maintaining the standards for promotion to Full Professor as set forth in the Academic Tenure Policy and College and Department reappointment, promotion and tenure rules.

The expectation is that a Professor should demonstrate a sustained effort, through innovative peer-reviewed contributions in a major focus area and will continue to maintain an international reputation and outstanding leadership in his/her focus area.   Professors should demonstrate outstanding leadership within the department and college by participating on committees, mentorship programs, graduate student/post-doctoral training, and/or student teaching.  Professors may also make significant contributions to the department and college by serving in major administrative roles.

4.3 Standard for exceeding expectations

In order to exceed expectations, the faculty member must significantly and consistently exceed the standards set forth in the Statement of Faculty Responsibility (SFR). Faculty performance that exceeds expectations must demonstrate sustained and clearly recognizable excellence across the entire five years of the review period in at least one area of teaching, scholarship, and service that corresponds to a significant area of effort distribution as defined in the SFR. This accomplishment must be consistent with the increased expectations associated with the ranks of Associate and Full Professor, respectively.


All participants in the post-tenure review process will participate in web-based training on how to conduct constructive and effective reviews.  The Department Head will ensure that all Department Post-Tenure Review Committee members and faculty members under review participate in the training and obtain the Attestation of Completion of training.  The Department Head will certify annually with the Dean via written communication that all required individuals received training and the Department will maintain attestations (or route to CVM HR to become part of personnel file).