RUL 05.68.70 – College of Sciences Post Tenure Review of Faculty

Authority: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

History:  First Issued:  July 21, 2016.

Related Policies:
UNC Policy 400.3.3 – Performance Review of Tenured Faculty
UNC Policy 400.3.3.1[G] – Guidelines on Performance Review of Tenured Faculty
NCSU REG05.20.04 – Post Tenure Review of Faculty
NCSU POL05.20.01 – Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Permanent Tenure
NCSU POL05.25.01 – Faculty Grievance and Non-Reappointment Review Policy
NCSU REG05.20.20 – Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Dossier Format Requirements

Additional References:
Promotion and Tenure Departmental Standards and Procedures
Departmental Post Tenure Review Rules
N C Gen Stat. 126-24

Contact Info:Dean, College of Sciences  (919-515-7277)


This rule establishes college information for the comprehensive, periodic, cumulative

review of the performance of all the college’s tenured faculty. This rule is consistent with the requirements of NC State’s REG 05.20.04 Post Tenure Review of Faculty, UNC Policy 400.3.3 – Performance Review of Tenured Faculty and UNC Policy 400.3.3.1[G] – Guidelines on Performance Review of Tenured Faculty.


Faculty are to be evaluated based upon the realms of responsibility set forth in their Statement of Faculty Responsibilities. In general, tenured faculty members are expected to maintain an effective contribution to the University through an appropriate combination of teaching, research, extension, and/or service activities. It is fully recognized that the emphasis or mixture of activities may shift over time, but throughout their careers faculty have an obligation to maintain a productive contribution to the well-being of the students, department, college and university. Teaching, research, extension activities and service are the fundamental activities of a faculty member, and each faculty member is expected to make significant contributions in at least one of these areas and a total effort consistent with full-time employment. A faculty member who achieves these standards would be deemed to meet performance expectations.


In order to exceed expectations, a faculty member must have made exemplary contributions in at least one area described within his or her Statement of Faculty Responsibilities commensurate with his or her professorial rank. Significant contributions include but are not limited to:  extraordinary number of refereed publications, extraordinary extramural funding awarded, extremely prestigious national/international awards, induction into one of the Academies, extraordinary student and peer teaching evaluations, or significant entrepreneurial and tech transfer activities as evidenced by invention disclosures, patents, licenses, industrial collaborations or spin-off companies.


Section 6.4 of REG 05.20.04 states that if the Dean’s initial determination of the faculty member’s performance differs from that of the Department Post Tenure Review Committee and/or the Department Head, then a College Post Tenure Review Committee is to be involved.

The College will convene the college’s Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee to serve as the College Post Tenure Review Committee when needed.  See Section 5 of RUL 05.67.706 for a description of the committee membership.


5.1 Training. UNC General Administration has provided an online training resource for all faculty and administrators involved in Post-Tenure Review.

The dean will solicit confirmation from the department heads that all departmental faculty and administrators involved in the Post-Tenure Review process have completed the required training.  The dean will also solicit confirmation from those members of the dean’s office who are involved in the review process.  All certification forms will be stored within the departments or dean’s office as appropriate.  Once the dean has received the appropriate confirmations, the dean will then provide the provost with confirmation that all faculty and administrators have complied with the training requirement.