RUL 06.21.04 – Catered Events Options and Restrictions

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement

History: First Issued: April 8, 2001. Last Revised: February 13, 2008.

Additional References:
McKimmon Conference and Training Center (MCTC) Website

Contact Info: Client Relations & Customer Service Manager (919-515-2277)


Any food or beverage function held in the McKimmon Conference and Training Center (MCTC) must be serviced by a caterer who has met the requirements to be on the approved caterer list. An appropriate representative of each scheduled program selects a caterer from this list for any food/beverage function associated with the respective program.


Specific requirements applicable to Center user groups include:

2.1. Only caterers from the approved Caterer List can be used for functions held at the MCTC.

2.2. Food is not allowed in the facility unless brought in by one of the approved caterers.

2.3. All breaks service needs Monday through Friday are provided by University Catering but weekend events can be served by the client’s choice from one of the approved caterers.

2.4. The Center reserves the right to combine luncheon functions for groups with less than 30 attendees that plan to serve a standard buffet and have no planned luncheon program agenda.

Additional information, including catering can be accessed at the MCTC Website.