RUL 06.21.05 – Courtyard Use Criteria

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement

History: First Issued: April 8, 2001. Last Revised: February 13, 2008.

Additional References:
McKimmon Conference and Training Center (MCTC) Website

Contact Info: Client Relations & Customer Service Manager (919-515-2277)


The McKimmon Courtyard provides program participants, visitors, and staff an outdoor area in which to relax and network. This area can accommodate up to 50 participants for social functions and receptions in conjunction with Center-approved educational programs or staff retirements.


Groups whose programs meet eligibility requirements for use of the McKimmon Conference and Training Center (MCTC) qualify to use the courtyard. In order to preserve an environment conducive to learning within the Center and to allow public access to the courtyard during normal business hours, the following requirements are established:

2.1. A courtyard usage fee will be assessed on those occasions that the courtyard function is not part of a larger scheduled event for which appropriate meeting space fees are charged.

2.2. Fees are assessed for courtyard-only activities according to the following:

2.2.1. Courtyard events are required to have concurrent space in the facility for socials and reception in case of inclement weather. The basic room rate of Area 2B is applicable for courtyard rental with no duplicated charges for courtyard versus inside contingency space.

2.2.2. Appropriate space in Area 2 must be reserved/utilized for courtyard events with more than 50 participants. Courtyard plus internal space charges will be applicable in this situation.

2.3. Catering policy and procedures for courtyard events are the same as those for any function held in the MCTC.

2.4. Setup time for weekday courtyard events cannot begin until 5:30 p.m. Setup on weekends may commence prior to 5:30 p.m. if the group is the sole user of the Center.

2.5. Decorations are limited to organizational banners or signs which can be easily displayed and do not interfere with the Center structure, do not restrict participant space in the courtyard, and reflect an image representative of the Center and NC State.

2.6. Musical and choral group entertainment is permitted in the courtyard when there are no other programs or user groups in the building, with sensitivity to the residential area adjacent to the Center. Instrumental and/or choral groups must be non-amplified and are limited to four performers (including the musicians) with no later than a 10:00 p.m. cut-off time.