RUL 06.21.09 – Meeting Reservation and Confirmation

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement

History: First Issued: April 8, 2001. Last Revised: February 13, 2008.

Additional References:
McKimmon Conference and Training Center (MCTC) Website

Contact Info: Client Relations & Customer Service Manager (919-515-2277)


The meeting reservation/confirmation form outlines the privileges, responsibilities and programmatic requirements of the meeting planner reserving space in the McKimmon Conference and Training Center (MCTC).


Potential users of the McKimmon Center either inquire about or request space for their particular program, function or event. Adhering to the following overall criteria, Client Relations personnel will determine if the requested activities qualify for implementation in the Center.

2.1. A McKimmon Center Meeting Reservation and Confirmation Agreement will be provided to the user contact if adequate space to meet the expressed needs is available on the date requested.

2.2. The form must be completed and returned within two weeks of receipt to Client Relations for review of use eligibility and confirmation of space. Meeting space in the Center is not confirmed until the form is completed and signed by both the user group and MCTC representatives.

2.3. Should setup be necessary prior to the actual event date(s) of the program and/or following the program date(s), this space must be reserved and confirmed on the initial form. Appropriate rental fees will be assessed for these extended periods.

2.4. Exhibit space should be requested when other space needs are being reserved. Charges for such space utilization will be made for daily use and will be contingent on the amount of space required.

2.5. Subsequent to confirmation of all relevant space needs received by the respective user group, a Room Setup and Catering Requirements Form will be provided the group contact in which final meeting details and catering needs are identified. This form must be completed and returned to Client Relations two weeks prior to the event date.

2.6. Shipment of exhibitor displays will be accepted 24 hours prior to the event date with return shipment within the same amount of time after the event. The individual exhibitor and/or other user group representative will be responsible for packaging the items and contact with the appropriate shipper.

Additional helpful information is available at the MCTC Website.