RUL 06.21.12 – Space and Equipment Cancellation Guidelines

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement

History: First Issued: April 8, 2001. Last Revised: February 13, 2008.

Additional References:
McKimmon Conference and Training Center (MCTC) Website

Contact Info: Client Relations & Customer Service Manager (919-515-2277)


The McKimmon Conference and Training Center (MCTC) has cancellation guidelines for equipment and space that are contained in the Meeting Reservation and Confirmation Form.


The client/user group representative with confirmed space and/or equipment for a scheduled event must send a written cancellation to the Client Relations Office according to the following deadlines in order not to be assessed the basic rental fee:

2.1. One room (not to include dining area(s)), a 30-day advanced notice is required;

2.2. More than one room, but less than 6 rooms, (not to include dining area(s)), a 45-day advanced notice is required;

2.3. More than six rooms (not to include dining area(s)), a 90-day (3 months) advanced notice is required; and

2.4. Audio-visual equipment/technical support services, notice at least one full working day prior to the scheduled event is required.