RUL 11.56.04 - Fraternities and Sororities: Procedures for Recruitment and New Member Activities

Authority: Issued by the Vice Chancellor and Deanfor Academic and Student Affairs (DASA).  Changes or exceptions to administrative rules issued by the Vice Chancellor and Deanfor Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) may only be made by the Vice Chancellor and Deanfor Academic and Student Affairs (DASA).

History: First Issued: January 2004. Last Revised: April 20, 2010.

Related Policies: 
NCSU POL11.35.01 - Code of Student Conduct 

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Fraternity and Sorority Non-Hazing Compliance form
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FIPG (Fraternal Information & Programming Group)

Contact Info: Department of Greek Life, (919-513-2910) phone or (919-513-1325) fax


This rule sets up the procedures that must be followed by fraternities and sororities of the NC State Greek Community in connection with recruitment and new member activities.  Chapter Advisors, council officers, and the Department of Greek Life staff will work together to facilitate a successful and positive experience for all involved in the recruitment and new member process.

Fraternity and Sorority chapters must adhere to these procedures if they conduct recruitment and new member activities at NC State University:


2.1 Prior to any recruitment activities (formal/council coordinated, Continuous Recruitment, or other), and prior to any new member education activities taking place (meetings, retreats, teambuilding activities, or other), at least one chapter member, preferably the chapter president, and/or recruitment chair, and/or new member educator must meet with the Director of Chapter Services or designated staff member.  Appointments must be scheduled, and materials provided at least two weeks before the first recruitment event to give Greek Life sufficient time to review the material and chapters time to make any necessary adjustments.  Appointments are scheduled by contacting the Administrative Assistant for Greek Life.  At this meeting the chapter must submit/provide:

2.1.1 Any national or regional paper work that needs to be signed by the Department of Greek Life

2.1.2 A signed Notice of Recruitment 

2.1.3 A signed Fraternity and Sorority Non-Hazing Compliance form

2.1.4 A recruitment calendar including a timetable of any recruitment activities with dates, locations, and times.  Dates are not limited to “formal” periods of recruitment for chapters who conduct year-round recruitment.  Year round events may be included on “formal” recruitment calendar or submitted at a later date following the same requirements.  The Director of Chapter Services must approve activities one-week before they commence.  Activities to include on the calendar, if applicable: Recruitment events/interest meetings Selection date(s)/extension of bids Formal acceptance of bids (new member pinning/ceremony) Start date of the new member’s official process/education Any additional dates pertinent to a specific organization

2.1.5 A new member calendar including a timetable of any activities exclusive to, or expected of new members with dates and times.  No activities may take place during dead week or final exams or outside of the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. without advance approval.  No new member program should extend beyond 12 weeks to be consistent with national standards.  Activities to include on the calendar, if applicable: Formal acceptance of bids (new member pinning/ceremony) Start date of the new member’s official process/education New member retreat New member teambuilding activities Study Hours (may not exceed 6 hours per week without approval) Designated Driving duties (strongly discouraged and only allowable if all chapter members participate and a letter from National Organization is provided approving the practice) I-week Initiation date:  Chapters who initiate new members during the semester in which they were recruited should do so before dead week.  Chapters who do not initiate new members until grades are released must initiate within seven calendar days of the first day of classes the next semester. Any additional dates pertinent to a specific organization

2.2 In the event that any dates and times need to be changed on the calendars of events, chapter members must notify the Director of Chapter Services (by phone and in writing) no less than two business days prior to the new event time.

2.3 Without the submission of the above paperwork, recruitment will not be approved.  In the event that the recruitment or new member activities begin without the knowledge and signed approval of the Director of Chapter Services or designee, and/or the chapter has not adhered to these written recruitment procedures, recruitment and/or new member activities will cease immediately, and the chapter may be placed on suspension.  These sanctions will be initiated and/or imposed by the council advisor/s and the Director of Chapter Services.


All chapters conducting recruitment must submit a Verification of New Members form.  The verification form exists in two formats.  The first may be used to verify academic performance before issuing bids while the second is used to submit new members that have already accepted bids.

3.1 If chapters would like to check for grades prior to issuing bids, the chapter may use the Verification of New Members form (Grade Checks Only version) to do so for all potential members/attendees of recruitment events.

3.1.1 The Department requires one full business day to turn around grade requests, and cannot do so without signed academic waivers.

3.1.2 If a Verification of New Members form is submitted of all potential members, then the chapter can submit the Membership Roster Addition/Deletion form two business days after bids are accepted without additional signatures required as the verification form will be attached and includes this information.

3.2 If chapters are submitting new members after bids are accepted, then the verification form (Membership Already Offered version) must be submitted within two business days after bids are formally accepted (new member pinning/ceremony), and prior to the start date of the official process/education of new members listed on the chapter’s recruitment calendar.  This form is the list of the individuals approved by a chapter that will be submitted to its regional or national representatives as candidates for membership/new members.

3.3 The verification form provides a list of candidates that will include each potential and/or new member’s:

3.3.1 Name

3.3.2 Signature

3.3.3 Student ID Number

3.3.4 Academic Waiver

3.4 Total number of Candidates

3.5 Original signature of Chapter President

3.6 Signature of Primary Chapter Advisor (chapter may bring in form with the original signature, or the Chapter Advisor may fax signature directly to the Department of Greek Life)

3.7 A separate line for verification of date received


At the conclusion of the new member process (after initiation), an updated Membership Roster Addition/Deletion form must be turned in to the Department of Greek Life to reflect any changes in membership since the Verification of New Members form was submitted.


All documents supplied to the Department of Greek Life are kept confidential from students or student leaders/council officers as they contain information related to student records.  They may be shared with university officials and national organization staff as needed and allowed by the academic waiver signed.


All organizations must adhere to the following requirements when conducting recruitment events:

6.1 No alcoholic beverages will be permitted.

6.2 All National Policies of the organization and governing Council must be met.

6.3 Excessive vulgarity and profanity will not be tolerated; neither will language or activities that create an atmosphere of discrimination or intolerance.

6.4 No inappropriate or revealing attire.

6.5 Any event that poses a threat of danger to individuals who participate will not be allowed.  This includes but is not limited to: fight nights, pudding wrestling, or any other event that involves the display of slapping, kicking, spitting, punching, pushing, poking, etc

6.6 Events should focus on your organization, its members and potential members.  If you plan an event that includes non-potential members or another organization/chapter the event may not pose that group as the target audience of the event or list that organization/chapter’s name on publicity.  Exceptions may be granted by presenting a letter of support from each chapter’s advisors and must be approved at the time your calendar is submitted.

6.7 Events may only occupy five nights in any given week (Saturday through Friday).  The other two nights of the week should be free from any chapter programs.

6.8 Any event that would be perceived by a reasonable observer as a recruitment event is subject to these rules.

6.9 Chapters found in violation of these requirements will have their event stopped immediately.  Referrals to the Office of Student Conduct or Campus Police will be made if necessary.


7.1 It is unlawful for any college student to conduct "hazing" or aid in the hazing of others that results in physical injury.  G.S. 14-35.  For criminal purposes, “hazing” is an action that subjects another student to the physical injury as part of an initiation or membership in any organized student group, including any society, athletic team, fraternity or sorority, or other similar group.  Hazing is more broadly defined for the university disciplinary purposes in the NCSU POL11.35.01 - Code of Student Conduct.

7.2 In recent years, criminal courts, the majority of national organizations and campuses alike have utilized the risk management policies of FIPG as the “industry standard” for all fraternities and sororities.  As such, chapters should be aware of how FIPG defines hazing activities, as they may be accountable to the defined parameters.  For more information about FIPG, see the FIPG, INC. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY (revised July 2008).


Violations of recruitment regulations may result in a period of review or suspension.  Whether the chapter will be placed on review or receive automatic suspension of recognition is based upon the infraction and is at the discretion of the council advisor/s and/or the Director of Chapter Services.

8.1 Chapters will receive notice of violation from the Director of Chapter Services, and be provided the opportunity to be heard and defend against the charges with Greek Life or referred to Student Conduct.  Findings will be delivered in writing to the president of the organization.  Opportunity for appeal will be provided.

8.2 Review is noted by a period of scrutiny wherein if the chapter commits any violation of the recruitment/new member procedures or any other rules set forth by the Department of Greek Life, the chapter will have their recognition suspended.

8.3 Suspension of recognition is noted by a period wherein all social and formal programming (including community service, fundraising activities, and recruitment/new member functions) is prohibited.  The suspension period will be determined by the council advisor/s and/or the Director of Chapter Services and will be a period of no less than one semester.  Any “suspended” group automatically loses recognition from the Department of Greek Life per the Department Recognition Regulation.

8.4 Violations include:

8.4.1 Intentional submission of improper paperwork (i.e., changing of dates on forms, falsifying original signatures, incomplete paper work, etc.)

8.4.2 Holding membership recruitment without conforming to the Membership Regulations set by the Department of Greek Life.

8.4.3 Hazing:  Any violations of NCSU POL11.35.01 - Code of Student Conduct will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

8.4.4 Overt activity related to recruitment defined as any activity conducted in defiance of previous sanctions or warnings by council advisors or the Director of Chapter Services.

8.5 Guidelines for Review of Chapter Status after Suspension of Recognition:

8.5.1 Chapters that have had their recognition suspended by the Department of Greek Life, must have a review of chapter status before the suspension is removed, even if the period defined has passed.  Those present at the review must include: Executive Board:  chapter president and/or one representative The chapter advisor The council advisor/s and the Director of Chapter Services

8.5.2 All questions and concerns must be expressed by the Chapter President to the Department of Greek Life staff.  If any questions regarding the Regulations arise, they may be discussed between the members of the chapter and the council advisor/s.  Final jurisdiction and decision-making authority rests in the hands of the council advisor/s and the Director of Chapter Services.

8.6 Students found guilty of hazing will be subject to sanctions defined by NCSU POL11.35.01 - Code of Student Conduct as well as any sanctions outlined by the national organization.  The Department of Greek Life will work in partnership with both bodies to create a comprehensive plan that avoids duplication and may be both educational and punitive.