REG 04.20.01 - Alcohol Regulation

Authority: Issued by the Chancellor. Changes or exceptions to administrative regulations issued by the Chancellor may only be made by the Chancellor.

History: First Issued: April 2, 2002. Last Revised: March 25, 2010.

Related Policies: 
NCSU POL04.20.02 - Alcohol Policy
NCSU REG07.25.11 - Use of University Facilities

Additional References: 
Form for Requesting Permission to Serve Alcohol 

Contact Info: Assistant to the Chancellor and Secretary of the University (919-515-2191)


This Regulation supplements NCSU POL04.20.02 - Alcohol Policy and NCSU REG07.25.11 - Use of University Facilities by addressing the procedure to be followed for requesting permission to serve, possess or consume alcohol in University facilities, and the circumstances under which approval may or may not be granted.  It also interprets the Alcohol Policy as it applies to the sale of alcohol on campus.


No State-appropriated or Federal funds may be used to purchase alcohol. Some funds that are classified as institutional trust funds and special funds may be used to purchase alcohol, but only if those funds are discretionary in nature and the fund authority is sufficiently broad to cover this purchase. For example, scholarship funds or funds handled through Contracts and Grants are not discretionary in nature.

The Lonnie Poole Golf Course Clubhouse, the NC State University Club, and the Park Alumni Center are permitted to sell alcohol for consumption on premises. Alcohol cannot be sold, directly or indirectly, at any other campus location. This means that when a function is held elsewhere on campus, there can be no "cash bars," nor can there be a cover charge for an event at which alcohol is purportedly "given away." However, a set price for a reception or meal where the serving of alcohol is incidental to the reception or meal is permitted, provided the facility where the event is held is otherwise authorized under this regulation for the serving of alcohol.


Except for University holidays, no alcohol may be served at any campus location (with the exception of those campus facilities authorized to sell alcohol) on a University business day until after 5:00 p.m. Only the Chancellor or his designate may authorize an exception to this provision.

With the exceptions noted below, no alcohol may be served, displayed, or consumed in any University open space or in any University building.

Alcohol may be served at invitation-only, private functions hosted by individuals that are held at the Park Alumni Center, the Jane S. McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education, the Chancellor’s House, the RBC Center and Carter-Finley Stadium. To the extent these facilities are available for use by other University units, arrangements for such events must be made with the administrator of the particular facility. Each facility shall have detailed rules governing its use and alcohol service at events. It is the responsibility of the unit hosting the event to comply fully with the facility's requirements for alcohol.

Any unit wishing to use a campus facility or open space other than those listed above for invitation-only, private functions must receive permission from the Dean of its academic unit or from the appropriate Vice Chancellor (if a non-academic unit) and from the Vice Chancellor in charge of the facility or space in which the event is proposed to be held.

It is a violation of North Carolina law to serve alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age. University units planning functions that are likely to be attended by students under 21 are strongly discouraged from serving any alcohol to anyone at such functions. If the unit plans to serve alcohol at a function that will be attended by guests under the age of 21, the unit must submit, as part of the approval process, an explanation of the method by which it will determine which guests are at least 21 and how it will assure that guests under 21 are not served alcohol.

Where proper permission has been obtained and the event is being held at one of the locations listed previously in this regulation or one for which permission has been properly secured, the following requirements must be met at all functions where alcohol is served:

  • Access to the event must be limited to invitees and controlled throughout the event. The event may not be open to the public. For outdoor events, special steps must be taken (for example, tents with sides or other significant barriers) to control access and delineate the area for the event.

  • A sufficient amount of alternative, nonalcoholic beverages must be available.

  • A sufficient amount of substantial, wholesome food (heavy hors d'oeuvres or dinner) must be served.

  • There must be a professional bartender.

  • No self-service of alcohol is permitted.

  • A reception with alcoholic beverages that is followed by a full meal may last no longer than one hour. A reception with alcoholic beverages that is not followed by a full meal may last no longer than two hours.

In addition to the above requirements, if individuals under age 21 will be attending the function, the University unit hosting the event must take precautions to be sure that no one under 21 is served alcohol. Such precautions might include:

  • a sign on the bar that says "Over 21 Only" or "No Students" and an instruction to the bartender to ask for proof of age whenever there is any doubt that an individual is 21;

  • color-coded name tags or place cards for guests under 21 and instructions to the bartender and/or waiters as to the significance of the color-coding; and

  • instructions to bartenders, waiters and unit employees in charge of the event to be alert to the possibility that guests over 21 may attempt to obtain alcohol for guests under 21.

It is the unit's responsibility to be certain that individuals under the age of 21 are not served or provided any alcohol.


Persons who are 21 years of age or older may consume alcohol in their personal residence hall rooms on campus, or in privately owned or leased facilities on campus, subject to state laws and the university’s Alcohol Policy.

Consumption of alcohol on campus is otherwise prohibited except as allowed in section 3 above.