POL 01.30.03 – Watauga Medal

Authority: Board of Trustees

History: First Issued: January 17, 1975. Last Revised: July 10, 2019.

Related Policies: 
UNC Code: Appendix I, Section IV

Contact Info: Vice Chancellor for University Advancement (919-515-3226)


The Watauga Medal is established to recognize individuals who have rendered significant and distinguished service to North Carolina State University.


2.1 The Watauga Medal will be awarded by action of the University Board of Trustees to persons who have rendered significant and distinguished service and support to North Carolina State University.

2.2 No more than three Watauga Medals may be awarded in any one academic year, though it is not required that an award be made each year.

2.3 Recipients may not be on the payroll of North Carolina State University or of the UNC General Administration for the current fiscal year.

2.4 Current members of the NCSU Board of Trustees and UNC Board of Governors are not eligible.

2.5 Elected state and national officials are not eligible.

2.6 Watauga Medals may be awarded posthumously.

2.7 Nominations may be carried over for two years. After two years, persons may be re- nominated.


3.1 The Watauga Medal award is given to a person who has demonstrated significant and distinguished service to NC State. This individual — who may or may not have served as an employee of the university — will have provided extraordinary service, leadership and/or advocacy over an extended period of time and/or in an exceptional or groundbreaking way for the benefit of NC State. The individual will have demonstrated dedication to the institution (beyond any assigned work duties, if applicable), such as through volunteer and/or board service or notable financial support. In addition, this individual will have demonstrated leadership within the broader NC State community through his/her service with external organizations and/or through the individual’s professional contributions and accomplishments. In addition to the above criteria and his/her achievements in advancing NC State, this individual will be well respected by his/her peers and colleagues — and likely to inspire or have inspired others to service.

3.2 Watauga Medals should not be awarded solely on the basis of financial support.


4.1 The Board of Trustees shall select up to three (3) Watauga Medal recipients annually. The North Carolina State University Watauga Medal Nomination Committee will receive nominations and forward up to five (5) recommendations to the Chancellor.   Upon the Chancellor’s recommendation, the University Advancement Committee will review and recommend Watauga Medal recipients to the Board of Trustees.

4.2 The Committee will consist of one representative from each College. The College representative, who may be a faculty member or administrator, shall be appointed by the Dean, and will serve a term of three years or at the pleasure of the Dean.

4.2.1 The following officials shall be appointed as ex officio members of the Committee:

  1. Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, who will chair the Committee
  2. Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications
  3. Associate Vice Chancellor for University Development
  4. Chair of the Faculty
  5. President of the Student Body or designee
  6. President of the Alumni Association

4.3 Faculty, students, administrators, alumni and the general public will be invited to submit nominations to the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement.

4.4 Presentation of The Watauga Medal(s) will normally be a feature of the annual Founders’ Day ceremonies.