POL 05.35.01 – Mediation Policy and Procedure

Authority: Board of Trustees

History: First Issued: April 19, 1996. Last Revised: April 20, 2001.

Related Policies:
UNC Code: Appendix I.C
NCSU REG05.35.01 – Mediation Procedure for Faculty and Staff

Contact Info: Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources (919-515-3443)

1.  Introduction

While NC State University has established procedures for the resolution of grievances, it is the sense of the Board of Trustees that North Carolina State University would benefit from other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that may provide a more collegial, less adversarial and thus a more satisfying means to resolve grievances. Therefore, in consultation with the faculty, staff and students, the Chancellor is hereby authorized to establish a mediation program for faculty, staff and students.

2.  The Chancellor shall establish procedures to implement a mediation program that shall include the following elements:

2.1 The mediation process is a voluntary alternative to the formal grievance processes available to faculty, staff and students. Requests for mediation must be filed within the time period in which the employee or student would be eligible to file a grievance under applicable University policies. Unless otherwise authorized by the applicable grievance procedure, mediation shall not delay the filing deadlines for pursuing a grievance.

2.2 The Chancellor shall designate administrative staff to administer the mediation program which shall include training and/or approval of trained mediators to mediate faculty, staff and student grievances. Faculty, staff and students shall be consulted in the process of developing the program.

2.3 For purposes of assigning a mediator, five broad classifications are recognized: SHRA, non-faculty EHRA professional, EHRA faculty, undergraduate student and graduate student. If all parties are within one classification, one mediator from that classification will be assigned unless otherwise requested and agreed upon by all parties. An exception to this procedure is that undergraduate and graduate student mediators will always be assigned with a co-mediator from one of the SHRA or EHRA classifications. If the parties involved are from two or more of the classifications, one mediator from each classification involved may be assigned unless otherwise requested and agreed upon by all parties.

2.4 The mediation process shall provide for confidentiality of the process and confidentiality of the mediation documents to the extent permitted by law.