POL 05.55.01 – Search and Selection Procedures for Senior Academic and Administrative Officers (Tier I)

Authority: Board of Trustees

History: First Issued: November 15, 1996. Last Revised: November 7, 2013.  

Related Policies:
UNC Policy Manual 300.1.1 – Senior Academic and Administrative Officers
UNC Code: Appendix, Section I.C

Contact Info: Office for Equal Opportunity (919-515-3148), Chancellor’s Office (919-515-2191), Provost (919-515-7624)


1.1 This policy establishes guidelines for the search and selection process for Tier I Senior Academic and Administrative Officers (SAAO) of NC State University.

1.2 The Chancellor is the chief executive officer of the university, and as such, is responsible for personnel decisions involving SAAO Tier I positions.

1.2.1 The Chancellor is responsible for developing the job duties for these positions, appointing the search committee, providing a budget and staff support for search committee activities, participating in finalists’ interviews, and making the hiring decision, subject to Board of Trustees approval.

1.3 Vice Chancellor job descriptions and the position announcements seeking candidates shall be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. After interviewing the finalists, the Chancellor shall determine the proposed salary and conditions of employment, and bring the recommendation to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees for approval. All other Tier I positions shall be submitted to the University Affairs Committee.

1.4 The Chancellor may delegate to the Provost the responsibility for conducting searches for SAAO Tier I positions reporting directly to the Provost in which case the Provost shall follow the guidelines set forth below in consultation with the Chancellor and any additional instructions of the Chancellor. The Chancellor, however, shall retain authority for all hiring decisions.

1.5 When developing a search committee for the Provost and other academic administrators such as Deans, the Chancellor may promulgate additional procedures to include faculty and Faculty Senate consultation.


2.1 Responsibilities of the Chancellor

2.1.1 When a vacancy occurs in such a senior administrative officer position, a proposed job description and position announcement shall be developed. The Chancellor may seek input from individual trustees, faculty, staff and administrators in developing the position description and position announcement.

2.1.2 The Chancellor shall develop a proposed time line for the search and selection process, select and charge a search committee, appoint the chair of the committee, and determine whether a search firm shall be hired to assist in the search process

2.1.3 In selecting the search committee the chancellor shall determine the size of the search committee depending upon the breadth of the constituency served by the position to be filled. Each search committee shall include trustees, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, students or external constituents, as appropriate.

2.1.4. The Chancellor may select the search firm or delegate responsibility for the selection of the firm to the Search Committee. The selection of a search firm shall follow applicable university policies and procedures.

2.2 Responsibilities of the Search Committee

2.2.1 University Hiring and Affirmative Action Policies The Chair of the Search Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that the search process meets university hiring and affirmative action policies.

2.2.2 Position Announcement and Advertising The search committee shall develop a proposed plan for advertising the opening, to include media to be used, audiences reached and cost. The committee chair shall consult with the Chancellor, or the Provost if the search has been delegated, and receive approval before proceeding to advertise the position.

2.2.3 Review and Interview Process The committee shall be responsible for:

a.  reviewing the applications of all nominees and applicants to determine whether they meet the basic qualifications to remain in the applicant pool,

b.  selecting and interviewing from the remaining pool a select number of semifinalists,

c.  selecting and recommending a specified number of final candidates to the Chancellor, which may be rank-ordered by the committee if requested by the Chancellor,

d.  arranging and conducting one-to-two day final candidate visits for on-campus interviews by key administrators, committee members and others as necessary, and

e.  providing to the Chancellor feedback from the finalists’ visits and any other additional information requested by the Chancellor.  If more than three finalists are recommended for the final on-campus interview series, the committee must consult with the Chancellor in advance for approval.

2.2.4 Hosting On-Campus Visits by Finalists  The Search Committee is responsible, in conjunction with support staff, for making all travel arrangements and plans to host finalists who come to campus. If the committee desires to plan an event which involves the Chancellor, Chancellor’s spouse or use of the Chancellor’s residence, it must consult in advance with the Chancellor for approval due to possible calendar and social commitment conflicts.

2.2.5 Accounting for Expenditures  Contracts for consultants must follow proper university Purchase and Contract procedures, and contracts can only be approved and signed by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. Large single expenditures should be reviewed by Purchase and Contract to ensure proper university policies and state laws are observed. Any out-of-pocket expenditures by Search Committee members cannot be reimbursed without an official receipt. These should be approved by the Chair and given to the support staff in a timely manner for processing reimbursements.

2.2.6 Completion of the Search Committee’s Work

The Chancellor will discharge members of the Search Committee when their responsibilities have been completed