POL 07.10.01 – Students Supply Stores Policy

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

History: First Issued: April 23, 1974. Last Revised: April 15, 2023.

Additional References:
N.C. Gen. Stat. 66-58(c)(3)
NCSU Bookstore Website

Contact Info: NCSU Bookstore Director (919-515-2161)

  1. This policy establishes controls for the retail sale of course material, school supplies, computer technology, gifts, apparel and souvenir items on the campus of North Carolina State University (NC State) and at university events. The university bookstore doing business as “Wolfpack Outfitters” is the only authorized campus department permitted to sell the above products and related services.  This policy applies without regard to the source of the funds used to pay for the above merchandise categories, except as explicitly noted. 

1.1 The operation of the NC State Stores of North Carolina State University is approved in accordance with General Statutes 66-58(c)(3), as amended, to operate in conformity with the following requirements:

1.2 Profits from the operation, calculated after retained earnings to meet the guidelines for reserves established by the NC State Budget Office and reinvestments for capital improvements, shall be used exclusively for awarding scholarships to defray the expenses of students attending the institution;

1.3 The merchandise sold shall be limited to educational materials and supplies, gift items to include royalty-generating collegiate-licensed apparel and souvenirs, and miscellaneous personal-use articles;

1.4 The Store is available to members of the NC State University community, including employees of the institution and their immediate families, prospective and enrolled students and their immediate families, alumni and campus guests. NC State Stores shall also serve the university directly, including but not limited to, university departments, registered student organizations and affiliated organizations;

1.5 All contemporary methods of merchandising and pricing strategy may be utilized by the Bookstore to ensure competitive value to qualified purchasers, such that revenues cover all operating expenses and generate resources for scholarship whenever possible as per section 1.1;

1.6 NC State Stores shall not be used as an agency for special orders of any item at wholesale prices on behalf of any individual buyer;

1.7 A financial audit shall be performed upon the request of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration or the NC State Internal Audit Division. The audit shall be performed by an independent firm in coordination with the NC State Internal Audit Division, and copies of the audit report shall be sent to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration;

1.8 The allocation of profits, as certified by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, shall be made annually by the Chancellor or designee;

1.9 In further support of scholarship funding through trademark licensing royalties, NC State Stores shall purchase, where applicable, only officially licensed goods for resale.

2. NC State Stores shall be operated by a manager responsible to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises reporting to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.

3. An advisory committee consisting of students, faculty, staff and stakeholders of the university shall be maintained to provide feedback and guidance on the operations of NC State Stores.