REG 01.25.06 Use of the University’s Names, Marks, Symbols, Images, and Copyrights

Authority: Issued by Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. Changes or exceptions to administrative regulations issued by the above individuals may only be made by those individuals.

History: First Issued: February 1, 2003. Last Revised: December 13, 2023.

Related Policies: 
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NCSU REG04.00.05 – Use of NC State Campus for Commercial Photography, Filmmaking and Videotaping

Additional References:
Filming Contract 
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Contact Info: 
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Brand Management (919-513-1463)
Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs (919-515-7373)
Director, Open Knowledge Center, NC State University Libraries (919-513-2416)
Office of Research Commercialization Director (919-515-7199)


1.1. This regulation applies to use of North Carolina State University’s names, trademarks and service marks, other identifying symbols and images, including the recording of visual images of parts of the campus and copyrighted material.

1.2. Written permission for use of University names, marks, symbols, images and copyrighted material must be obtained except where the use is made by a University employee for official university business purposes as determined by Trademark Licensing Rules, or where the use is clearly allowed under University policy, regulation or rule. The Office of Brand Management may by rule determine what uses constitute official university business purposes.

1.3. Permission may be sought from the University offices indicated below.


Requests to use University names, trademarks, service marks, symbols, images or copyrighted material should be directed to the following offices:

2.1. Uses That Describe the University as a Sponsor, Endorser, or Source of Goods or Services (Trademark Issues)

Where the proposed use would identify, promote, or advertise goods or services, the request should be sent to the Office of Brand Management. (E.g., a business wants to print one of the university’s wolf images on tote bags or a private apartment complex wants to use the name “NC State Commons”). If the proposed use is related to sponsored research, athletics or some other discrete area of the University, the Office of Brand Management will consult with that unit before making a decision.

2.2. Commercial Filming, Video and Photography on Campus

Permission is required as provided in the NCSU REG04.00.05 – Use of NC State Campus for Commercial Photography, Filmmaking and Videotaping.

2.3. Technology Transfer License Deals

The NC State Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) may grant permission for use of the University’s name in connection with press releases and other informational purposes by a licensee of intellectual property rights administered by that office, provided that any press releases by licensees are reviewed and approved in advance by University Communications.

2.4. Vendors and Contractors of the University

N.C. Administrative Code at Title 1, chapter 5B, part .1516 says: ” No contract shall be used for any advertising by the contractor.” The University’s Procurement and Business Services offices will review contracts and contractor/vendor performance to prevent advertising or promotion based on the existence of a contract with the University.

2.5. Copyright

2.5.1. Requests for permission to use works other than software (text, graphics, photography, etc.) owned by NC State should be directed to the Director, Open Knowledge Center, NC State University Libraries. If permission requires a license generating revenues beyond direct cost recovery, the request will be referred to the Office of Research Commercialization for handling. Where commercialization of copyright is limited to sales to NC State students and employees, and the royalties accrue to the benefit of an NC State unit (e.g., publishing agreements for lab manuals and student handbooks), approval may be granted by the Director, Open Knowledge Center, NC State University Libraries.

2.5.2. Requests for permission to use software owned by NC State should be directed to the Office of Research Commercialization. This applies regardless of whether the software use is to be licensed for a royalty or granted at no cost.

2.6. All other requests should be directed to University Communications, which will confer with any affected University units before responding to the request.